Methadone is a synthetic opiate drug that is in the same chemical family as morphine and should never be used alone as an opioid recovery treatment plan. It is used for the treatment of drug addiction to opiate drugs such as heroin and OxyContin and other specific prescription painkillers and street drugs. Methadone falls under the harm reduction model. This model believes that as an opioid dependant person your only hope is to stay on drugs forever because you are unable to recover. This is the farthest thing from the truth.

Using an opiate to treat opiate addiction?

It sounds strange, because it is. Methadone doesn’t cause the same “high” or euphoria that many abused opiate drugs do, however it does provide them with the “fix” their body craves and keeps them from getting sick when they still continue to abuse drugs. The problem with any drug user, including opiate abusers, is not actually the drugs, it is themselves. Providing methadone to someone to treat an opiate addiction is just like giving cocaine to someone to treat a crack addiction.

We do not refer people to clinics as part of successful Methadone Addiction Treatment

We never recommend Methadone to be used as the sole component of drug addiction rehabilitation and it should only be used with caution in extreme cases of withdrawal symptoms.

Merely stopping treatment after only a drying out phase means a person is returning to the exact same situation, problems and mindset that led them to using drugs in the first place. A medically managed drying out period that includes methadone treatment is only one small part of a comprehensive drug addiction rehab program. Methadone should only be used at this stage in severe cases of withdrawal symptoms either from high doses of opiates or from methadone itself. The addict is then slowly tapered off of the methadone. The purpose of this is to ease the withdrawal symptoms that occur when detoxing from an opiate drug.

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