Suboxone is a combination of two drugs (buprenorphine and nalonxone) and is used to treat drug addictions to opiate medications such as morphine, codeine and heroin.

Suboxone comes either as a pill or as a tablet or film that melts on or under the tongue. While buprenorphine is also an opiate medication, it doesn’t create that same “high” or sense of euphoria that other addictive opiate drugs do, although it also does have a potential for abuse when continually used. For this reason it is a very effective drug during the medical drying out phase of addiction treatment: uncomfortable physical and emotional symptoms are controlled while the Suboxone is tapered over time, sometimes continuing after this initial period of drying out and into the active addiction treatment phase of rehab for a limited time only.

The naloxone portion of Suboxone is a drug that binds to the part of the brain’s receptors that are normally affected by opiates. If someone on morphine, codeine or heroin is given naloxone, there is an immediate reversal of the effects of the addictive drugs, and painful and uncomfortable symptoms occur.

So why are buprenorphine and naloxone combined into one drug, Suboxone?

Because buprenorphine is an opiate drug it has the potential for abuse even without the extreme high associated with other drugs. Plain buprenorphine tablets can be crushed and injected by addicts directly into a blood vessel. Naloxone has no effect on buprenorphine when it is taken by mouth, but when crushed together along with the buprenorphine in a Suboxone pill, and injected into a vein, causes severe and uncomfortable physical symptoms.

Suboxone Addiction Treatment

We do not recommend people seeking Suboxone as a long-term maintenance drug or opioid replacement therapy. However, if you are looking for a treatment center or detox facility that may use Suboxone as part of its withdrawal process from opiates then we can certainly help. The reason is that we have seen too many people and families let down by the false hope that long-term maintenance drugs usually offer, and they’re left still searching for an effective treatment program.

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