Marijuana is derived from the hemp plant, and is smoked in order to feel a sensation of relaxation or heightened awareness as it directly affects the brain. Almost everyone in an addiction treatment program started their escape to drugs with marijuana. Not everyone who smokes marijuana goes on to needing a marijuana addiction treatment program. However, everyone in a rehab treatment program most likely started off smoking marijuana as an escape from reality.

Under strict medical supervision, marijuana is helpful for chronic nausea or pain caused by a physical disease or disease treatment, but unfortunately it has become a drug of casual use by many people.

Because it is cheap and easy to grow, it has been readily available to preteens and teens, and is often the first drug of experimentation. Marijuana is the most frequently used illegal drug in the United States.

Short term effects of marijuana include memory problems, slowed reaction times poor physical coordination, and impaired judgment. These short-term effects can lead to high-risk sexual behaviors and other dangerous or risky behaviors, as well as injuries related to driving or playing sports while under the influence of the drug. Chronic use of marijuana can lead to dependence and addiction, diminished focus on family, social, job or educational aspects of life, and chronic lung problems.

Rehab Treatment for Marijuana Addiction

A medically managed drying out period may or may not be the initial step in rehab treatment for marijuana addiction. Withdrawal from marijuana is relatively painless compared to harder drugs like crack and heroin. Therefore it may not always be necessary for marijuana addicts to go through drug detox before they can start working on their rehab.

A comprehensive and professional inpatient/outpatient rehab treatment program is essential. The individualized treatment plan for marijuana addiction combines behavior therapy, group and individual counseling, and aftercare support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous (NA). Special relapse techniques are taught so that after discharge former addicts are able to cope with the temptation to fall back into drug use.

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