Sometimes people who have insurance automatically assume their policy will cover substance abuse and mental health services, but this isn’t always the case. Although there are many more guidelines in place now that are more favorable to people seeking help, different policies and carriers have various levels of coverage.

One of the first things to do is to let us help you with a complimentary benefits check. We can assist in determining if your policy has coverage for drug and alcohol treatment services, and if so, what kind and how much. If there aren’t any benefits for these services, or if there are unsatisfactory levels of coverage, we can help you locate more affordable private treatment facilities.

Another thing we can do is connect you up with an insurance broker who can help you switch to an insurance policy that will cover drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, and match you up with a facility that will accept that policy.

Please don’t automatically assume that you can’t get help if you don’t have insurance. If you are willing to go to treatment, there is a way to find one that works rather than having to get on a waiting list for a local program.

For more information on how you can get substance abuse treatment covered by insurance, contact us today and speak with a representative who can help.