No two people are alike in their addictions and the complicated path that led them to being a full-blown addict. And no family and financial situation is the same. So how can all drug addiction rehab programs be right for all people?  They can’t.

Getting the needs of the addict met isn’t just a matter of going to any rehab center; it is going to the best rehab center for them. Addiction Treatment Services can help you find the drug addiction treatment that will meet your needs and focus on you as an individual. This will improve your chances for long-term recovery from drugs.

What is drug addiction treatment?

Drug addiction treatment is as individualized as the person (and family) that is seeking help. Whether you are addicted to cocaine, crack, crystal meth, marijuana, OxyContin or another substance, there are rehab treatment programs that can help you obtain a life free from drugs.

The goals of drug addiction treatment is to get you off a drug, multiple drugs or a combination of drugs and alcohol, and help you understand what led to and supported the addiction in the first place. Another other crucial goal is to give you the tools you’ll need to stay off drugs in the future.

Phases in a Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment Program include:

  • Medical management and partial hospitalization program
  • Residential
  • Day/Night with Sober Living Housing
  • Intensive outpatient
  • Outpatient
  • Aftercare
  • Alumni activities

Specific therapy and Treatment for Drug Addiction will include:

  • Drug addiction education
  • Group and individual counseling (for addicts and their family)
  • Relapse prevention
  • Sharing and support from others who have been where you are right now
  • Learning and practicing healthy lifestyle choices and activities
  • Participation in community support groups

Do I need help finding a treatment center?

It isn’t just about doing a web search or asking a friend. It’s about having too many choices, too much information, and not understanding what to look for in an effective and client-centered drug addiction rehab treatment center. It’s about finding the best drug addiction treatment for you, to give you or your addicted loved one the best chance for recovery.

Addiction Treatment Services has professional counselors to help you find the best treatment and rehab options for your specific drug addiction. Call us, we’re here to help.