Once you or a loved one accepts the need for addiction treatment, the answer seems simple: Find a good rehab, go there, get well.

But once you go online to find treatment, the many choices of rehab centers and programs can be mind-boggling. You’ll likely ask yourself questions such as:

  • Which addiction treatment center is right for me or my loved one?
  • Will the quality of their facility match up with what they promise online?
  • Which types of rehab programs does my insurance covers?
  • How exactly do I stage a successful intervention?
  • What happens after rehab, and how can I help ensure long-term recovery?

Your Addiction Treatment Services Resource

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Addiction Treatment Services is not a rehab facility. We work within the industry, but we’re independent.

We provide education and counseling resources to help guide you through the maze of information and treatment options available, including insurance coverage questions.

We simply this process for you by:

  • Helping you understand the treatment process and options, enabling you to make decisions that are most appropriate for your particular situation
  • Educating you about your insurance coverage, and helping you figure out which addiction treatment programs are covered by your insurance
  • Providing referrals to professional intervention resources to help both the addict and the family make the changes necessary for recovery
  • Making referrals to the best addiction treatment centers in the country, based on criteria customized to your needs

Connecting You with the Best Addiction Treatment Centers in the Industry

Because of our extensive experience with treatment centers, interventionists and other rehab professionals, we only recommend treatment programs that meet our clients’ individual and unique needs – along with our own gold standards of success.

Choosing a drug and alcohol treatment center that is not the right fit can mean choosing relapse over recovery. Addiction Treatment Services is here to help make recovery a reality for you and your family.

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