telehealth addiction services

ATS has partnered with Phoenix Behavioral Health

Addiction Treatment Services has partnered with Phoenix Behavioral Health to offer telehealth addiction services JUNE 01, 2020 Telehealth Addiction Services People facing alcohol and drug ...
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Is It Safe to Mix Benadryl and Alcohol?

Allergies are a real bummer. They make your nose drip, your eyes itch, and your throat tickle with that nagging cough that is sometimes enough ...
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When to Go to Rehab

Is My Addiction Bad Enough? When to Go to Rehab

When Is My Drug or Alcohol Addiction Bad Enough To Go To Rehab? People struggling with alcohol or drug addiction often find it extremely difficult ...
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Encouraging Words For Someone in Rehab

Words of Encouragement: For Someone in Rehab

Did you know on average, 44,000 people die every year from a drug overdose, and it has become the number one injury-related death in the ...
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Best Essential Oils for Addiction

Best Essential Oils for Symptoms of Addiction and Withdrawal

People who have undergone substance or alcohol addiction treatment acknowledge that the experience can be an ordeal that most people struggle to forget. When you ...
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Coronavirus safety

The Safest Place to Avoid Coronavirus Might be Rehab

Coronavirus has arrived, and people of all walks of life are being forced to take note. Although the timeline of the virus remains unknown, even ...
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coronavirus drug rehab

Protecting patients in Addiction Treatment

How are Addiction Treatment Centers maintaining services yet protecting patients amid the coronavirus pandemic? Many nations around the world have been crippled by drug and ...
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coronavirus and drug rehab

CoronaVirus: How I can stay safe in Rehab

The novel coronavirus has reached epidemic status around the world, and many activities have been brought to a grinding halt. If you have decided to ...
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parenting in recovery

Tips for Parenting in Recovery

In recovery, there is hope. Parenting in recovery gives you the opportunity to build a healthy, happy home environment and raise resilient, joyful children. According ...
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