Regular outpatient care is classified as Level I of the ASAM Criteria. This includes many forms of addiction treatment, counseling and therapy in a non-residential setting. This is typically for people with either less-sever substance abuse problems or who have already completed higher levels of care and are continuing on with their treatment.

Addiction severity assessments are generally performed before recommending any particular level of care, whether it is a formal assessment or a more informal question and answer period that to identify substance abuse. It is almost always recommended for someone to first complete an inpatient/residential treatment for heavier substance use disorders and more frequent abuse.

Additional factors may be involved in the decision to start with or move on to outpatient treatment. The scope of care can also include dual diagnosis issues.

The goal is to see continual improvement in the reduction of substance use or prolonged abstinence as well as the patient’s overall quality of life. Recovery isn’t just about clean or sober, it is about living well.