There are many different types of inpatient treatment programs and residential drug rehabilitation facilities. These can vary greatly from length of time and program orientation to of course length of time and cost. Within this group of services, which is also known as ASAM Level III, are four sub-levels, which vary slightly in services provided.

The levels of care that encompass inpatient or residential treatment fall under clinically managed low-intensity residential treatment, medium-intensity, high intensity and medically monitored inpatient treatment. The lower levels basically have more of a medical oversight, while the highest is much more hands-on with medical professionals rather than paraprofessionals.

All of the inpatient levels include 24-hour care at a live-in setting. Many residential programs today last longer than 30 days, as more professionals are recognizing and recommending longer-term treatment plans.

We work with inpatient programs throughout the United States that provide outstanding treatment services to clients in need. Most of these programs accept various types of insurance policies, and we’ll do our best to help match up a facility that takes your insurance and provides the services you need in a setting you’ll be comfortable in.