Addiction Treatment Services

There are so many different treatment centers saying they are the best and that they have the highest success rate.  Speaking with someone who has your best interest at heart and that is not a salesman at a drug or alcohol rehab can be the difference between getting it right the first time and having to do this several times.  At Addiction Treatment Services our best interest is helping you find a facility that focuses on what is needed and not necessarily what is wanted. It’s not to say we won’t help you find what your looking for, it’s because we are counselors and professional interventionist and if we hear something that doesn’t sound or feel right we will discuss that with you.  The most important things to focus on in finding the right treatment center is:

  • Level of care needed
  • Length of stay
  • Location of the treatment center
  • Insurance coverage and financial component

What Makes Us Different?

Addiction Treatment Services is the treatment center department of  Family First Intervention, Inc.  Because of our 10 years of experience and as the largest intervention company in the United States we have worked with and sent thousands of people to treatment centers throughout the country.  We have developed solid relationships with successful drug and alcohol treatment centers throughout the United States, these relationships are based on site-visits, a direct working relationship with the centers, their staff and their success rates.  Having worked with so many families throughout the intervention process and having the ability to spend time with them for several days at a time, we have been able to see how most of these centers you find on the internet actually operate.  Many times what you are promised does not line up with what we have experienced.  Because of our direct contact with families throughout the years it has given us a greater ability to help an addict or alcoholic with what they need versus what they want.

Addiction Treatment Services was created in order help those with an addiction and their loved ones find a successful treatment center that will best meet their individual needs.  Although every family needs the education of an intervention, not every addict or alcoholic needed an intervention to make that first decision to enter treatment.  No matter how someone makes their way to treatment, everyone needs guidance to find the drug or alcohol rehab center that gives them the best chance for successful recovery.

Why Do Our Professional Contacts Count?

Finding the right treatment center can increase your chances for long term sobriety. Client and families have shared many of their stories with us which has allowed us to make better decisions about where to send people for treatment.

We have been able to monitor and see how most of the treatment centers out there operate and equally as important how your insurance carrier operates.  Just because you have outstanding health insurance it does not mean you have outstanding coverage for substance abuse and mental health.  By letting us verify your benefits we are able to provide you with an unbiased independent review.  Many times what we experience is not nearly the same as what a treatment center or your insurance company is telling you.

After care is as important as the initial care

Anyone can stay sober or clean while inpatient at a drug or alcohol rehab, it is when they are back home that matters most. We focus strongly on the treatment centers ability to provide effective drug and alcohol treatment aftercare programs.  We almost always recommend that young adults living with their parents before leaving for treatment continue on in an after care program directly from treatment rather than just going straight back home.  It’s not about what an addict or alcoholic wants, it is about what they need.  Just because a treatment center says they can go home, does not mean the family has to let them or that the family is ready themselves.

Addiction Treatment Services connects clients with successful drug and alcohol rehab programs that offer the aftercare treatment options that will meet your individual needs. We only suggest programs that we have seen in action and know can offer the best chance for recovery for each individual person and their family.