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Whether you have insurance or not, you and your family deserve the best addiction treatment care available. We are here to help.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Services

Helping you find personalized addiction treatment

Our mission is to assist individuals with finding the best information, resources, and tools to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. A life free from the grips of substance abuse is possible, and we are here to help.

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We help you determine where your treatment journey begins.

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We assist with various addiction treatment and mental health services.

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We work directly with all major health insurance providers.

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We help you find the best addiction rehab center, even if it isn't one of ours.

Choosing the Right Addiction Center For Your Situation

This decision is much easier to make when you’re getting input from a trusted source. At Addiction Treatment Services, we understand that the most important part of choosing a rehab center is finding the place that meets the individual’s every need.

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Need Help Finding a Drug Rehab that Accepts Your Insurance?

Finding a treatment center that is within your insurance network can be difficult, but our experts can help.

Just because you have outstanding health insurance does not necessarily mean you have full coverage for substance abuse treatment. Let us verify your insurance benefits through an unbiased, independent review. We may find opportunities for coverage that your insurance agent or the treatment facility is otherwise reluctant to share. Thanks to our extensive experience and professional contacts in the industry, we have intimate knowledge of how insurance providers cover addiction treatment. We are happy to share our inside perspective with families in need of help getting coverage for life-changing treatment.

Experienced Addiction Treatment Professionals

We have developed strong relationships with the nation’s most effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers.

We have firsthand knowledge of how treatment centers operate nationwide. Addiction Treatment Services was created in order to help families guide their loved ones into treatment at a rehab center that best meets their individual needs. Our specialists offer objectivity to families, allowing them to distinguish optional comforts from the care their loved one actually needs. This fresh perspective gives a loved one his or her best chance for successful recovery.

How We Can Help

Why Do Our Professional Addiction Treatment Contacts Count?

Understanding the treatment process will help you choose the right rehab for your loved one.

Addiction treatment typically starts with an evaluation and detox. During this stage, treatment specialists develop a personalized treatment plan based on the patient’s health, mental state and history of substance abuse. Following evaluation and detox, patients undergo several therapies as they complete their personalized treatment plan. In addition to educating individuals about addiction and recovery, rehabs teach relapse prevention and skills for managing anxiety. These diverse therapies provide patients with the skills they need to lead healthy, sober lives. At Addiction Treatment Services, we have established relationships with proven rehab centers that ensure that each patient has the GET HELP NOW they need to get better. We strongly prefer programs that provide comprehensive treatment, and we only recommend programs that we are confident will support a patient’s full recovery journey.

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