Addiction Treatment Services

There are so many different treatment centers saying they are the best and that they have the highest success rate.

Speaking with someone who has your best interest at heart and that is not a salesman at a drug or alcohol rehab can be the difference between getting it right the first time and having to do this several times.  At Addiction Treatment Services our best interest is helping you find a facility that focuses on what is needed and not necessarily what is wanted.

It’s not to say we won’t help you find what your looking for, it’s because we are counselors and professional interventionist and if we hear something that doesn’t sound or feel right we will discuss that with you.  The most important things to focus on in finding the right treatment center is:

We help you determine where your treatment journey begins.
We find the right rehab center to fit you and your loved one’s needs.
We assist with addiction treatment and intervention nationwide.
We work with most insurance companies to get you the best addiction care.