Crystal meth is the crystallized form of the addictive drug methamphetamine. Crystal meth is heated, and then smoked, in order to get a high and can also be snorted, swallowed and even injected. Of all the different drug addictions, crystal meth addiction is one of the hardest addictions to overcome. It takes the person at least 30-60 days in a crystal meth treatment program to start thinking clearly enough to work on their problems. Anything less then 90 days of treatment for crystal meth addiction has extremely high risk of failure.

The euphoric (pleasurable) sensations that crystal meth causes when it affects a user’s brain is followed by a depression or “crash,” and more crystal meth is used in hopes of achieving the same level of high. Over time it is difficult for an addict to reach the same high, but they keep trying, using higher doses or different methods of ingesting the drug. Crystal meth is highly addictive.

Long-term crystal meth users may experience many problems, including:

  • Severe anxiety and trouble sleeping
  • Violent behavior
  • Confusion, hallucinations and paranoia
  • Severe increases in blood pressure and pulse; heart attack and stroke can occur

Crystal Meth Addiction Treatment

A comprehensive and long-term rehab treatment plan is important for a crystal meth addict to recover. Rehab treatment begins with a medically managed drying out period in order to temper the uncomfortable symptoms that occur when the meth is no longer in the body. This will help prepare the crystal meth addict for the hard work coming up in rehab therapy. This drying out period is never a substitute for the rehab program. It is simply a detoxification period so that the addict becomes clear of all meth and can think clearly about rehab and addiction treatment options.

Crystal meth addicts require an addiction treatment care plan that is individualized and comprehensive. It will include group and individual therapy, as well as family programs. Learning to give and receive support is essential.

Inpatient rehab is followed by more progressively independent living arrangements, until a recovering addict is ready to return home. The goal of therapy is to help change behaviors so that the person in recovery learns how to make consistently positive and healthy choices. Specific tools are learned to avoid relapsing back into drug use in the future.

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