What are Stimulants?

Stimulants are a category of drug that are used to aid individuals who suffer from cognitive disorders, weight issues, and sluggishness. Often referred to as ‘uppers’, stimulants are commonly associated with conditions like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Doctors prescribe stimulants to individuals of all ages with varying prescription drug brand names and doses, depending on the individuals needs and severity of the condition.

While stimulants are commonly thought to be prescription drugs, there are also drugs classified under the same category that fit the into illicit drugs, such as methamphetamine and cocaine.

Stimulants and Addiction

The effects of stimulants are attractive to a lot of users. After getting accustomed to the boosted feelings a user receives, individuals have a high tendency of becoming hooked on them. The feeling of ‘normal’ then becomes associated with taking them and going without them for a full day begins to feel like a challenge.

After enough time, one can become dependent on them and feel as though they are experiencing withdrawal symptoms if they attempt to reduce their dosage or go without it at all. 

Those using prescription stimulant medications are typically looking to benefit from the energy and focus-producing effects, however; there are negative side-effects that come along with them as well.

It’s not uncommon to see weight loss due to the fact that these medications increase heart-rate and reduce appetite. Many users have difficulties with sleeping and find themselves relying on another substance to bring them down at the end of the day, which can lead to other addictive behaviors.

Examples of Stimulants are:

As with many substances, the length of time an individual uses a stimulant, the more difficult it is to stop. Dependency builds in the form of chemical addiction and physical addiction and the process of weening yourself off of the drug can be frustrating and exhausting. Users, more often than not, experience mood changes frequently and resort back to their stimulant to remedy their ill feelings.

If you or a loved one are struggling with reducing the dosage of any stimulants or discontinuing the use of the drug altogether, please contact us. We have certified addiction specialists available to assist in all protocols necessary with treatment.