Alcohol Treatment Centers That Take Insurance

The American Medical Association recognizes alcoholism and substance addiction as actual diseases, which requires health insurance companies to understand the demand for treatment coverage. Additionally, the 2008 Affordable Care Act and Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act require that, for insurance providers that offer coverage for behavioral health issues, mental health and substance abuse treatment benefits be similar to medical care benefits. What this means is insurance policies, both public and private, should cover substance abuse treatment to exactly the same level that they cover other health conditions. Still, this law is interpreted differently, state to state, and insurance companies still balk. Addiction Treatment Services specializes in finding alcohol treatment center that take insurance, so you can being your recovery journey.

There are several top rated and highly qualified alcohol treatment centers that take insurance as a payment for your care, but if your don’t understand the benefits that are included in your policy, you are missing out on the rights that you actually have. Sadly, many insurance companies, and even you agent won’t disclose all of the benefits that you are paying for every month, unless you specifically ask them. Addiction Treatment Services has years of professional expertise which allows us to work with the insurance companies, and the rehab facilities, so we can find the perfect treatment center that you feel comfortable with. reports that plans participating in the insurance Marketplace should provide care in ten important health care categories, one of those being addiction care. Several private health insurance plans follow these same rules, also, so that they might be offered on the marketplace at a later point in time. In case addiction treatments are believed to be a covered benefit, then care is actually supplied to any person that has an addiction, regardless of what that addiction is actually brought on by. This is the identical model health insurance programs utilized for being able to deal with other health conditions.

For instance, several individuals develop obesity through overeating, while others develop weight difficulties as a result of hormonal or gland problems. Health insurance programs which provide a weight loss advantage, do not cover one kind of weight loss, while eliminating the other. By simply covering all obesity treatments, the program is able to save money. The same holds true for addictions. Plan administrators do not wish to cover interviews and testing about what drugs had been used, the way the drugs had been started, and what they are combined with. Plans are able to continue to keep things simple by covering all drugs, in case they offer an addiction care benefit.

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