drug testDrug testing in the workplace is quite common among employers. Many people are required to submit to a pre-employment drug screen, and often random testing upon suspicion as well. According to Quest Diagnostics, there has been another increase in the number of employees who are testing positive for illicit drugs. The report shows a nearly 10 percent increase overall compared to the previous year, with greater increases among specific drugs.

There are still conflicting opinions on whether or not drug testing policies actually help reduce workplace substance abuse or discourage employees from addiction-enabling behaviors, but few can argue with the idea or the importance of protecting others from harm that can be caused by people under the influence on the job. Typical issues include accidents and injuries from carelessness or slower response time. Occupations that require the use of heavy machinery and other potentially hazardous tools should be most cautious about drugs and alcohol usage among employees.

In many cases, when an employee tests positive for illicit drugs, they are given a resource list for counseling and rehabilitation programs. They can often take a medical leave of absence to address their substance abuse issues and return to work upon successful completion of a program.

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