The simple answer to how long does Meloxicam stay in your system is that its so-called half-life proves to be from 20 to 24 hours in healthy patients, although it can be for a shorter amount of time in women. The bodies of females process this medicine quicker than do those of men. It means that the actual elimination of the evidence of Meloxicam in the body proves to be 23.4 hours for men and only 19.5 hours for women. As far as detecting the drug goes in a standard drug test, it is visible via urine tests for as long as five days following the last consumption of it.

Windows for Detection of Meloxicam 

Mediscape conducted a study that is shared in 2002 regarding Meloxicam and its detectability window. These results were later confirmed in 2011 and 2015 by the United States National Institutes of Health. 

In your bloodstream, the Meloxicam concentration will prove to be highest from nine to eleven hours following your most recent dose. It peaks out in the blood between 2.5 and seven hours after consuming the recommended 15 milligrams medication dose. It will hold enough for a blood test to detect its presence in the blood for as long as from three to five days if you have a healthy metabolism.?

Urine-based drug tests might pick up on the Meloxicam as well. It is visible to these test batteries for up to three to five days in duration. Such a standard test will not commonly screen for Meloxicam in any case.?

Finally, according to a report from Healthline, Hair Folical Testing can detect such substances in your body for as long as 90 days. Such tests are only on the lookout for illegal narcotics like PCP, cocaine, methamphetamines, marijuana, and similar typically abused drugs. The overwhelming number of employers is not interested in detecting the presence and use of NSAIDs by their prospective employees.

Patients who take NSAID’s like Meloxicam should be aware that the possibility of abusing the drug inadvertently does exist. The rates of this kind of misuse are meager, though. In most applicable cases, this type of abuse would mean that there was another mental health issue at play in the patient.

Test Blood Urine Hair
Time 3-5 days 3-5 days 90 days

The True Amount of Time That Meloxicam Remains In the Body

Meloxicam is traditionally frequently prescribed to be taken one time per day thanks to its 20-hour half-life, per the Third Edition of the Drug-Induced Liver Disease journal. Once you consume the drug, it morphs into four metabolites that allow your organism to begin realizing the benefits of the medication.?

How long does Meloxicam stay in your system?

When your body has finished processing the Meloxicam, it passes out either through urine or bowel movements. Some individuals concurrently take another medication to deal with their arthritis problems or other health issues. These can interact to impact the drug’s time of metabolism. In some instances such as these, the data supports the idea that Meloxicam’s levels can stay within your bloodstream for as long as up to three to five days in duration. 

What Is the Maximum Dose of Meloxicam?

You have to be careful with NSAID’s like Meloxicam as they can lead to complications if your body is not in good health. In cases like this, it is recommended to try another medication or utilize different means of controlling arthritis-related pain. 

According to the instruction site DailyMed, adults do not consume 15 milligrams of this Meloxicam each day. Doctors will prescribe the lowest effective dose for their health conditions during an in-office appointment. 

Ultimately, many factors combine to determine how quickly your body metabolizes the Meloxicam. These include your age, sex, and renal health. If you are worried about the detection of Meloxicam during a standard employment drug screening, the good news is that it is not typically tested for by various drug screening panels. The reason is that few individuals take Meloxicam to get high or feel intoxicated. In any case, you can always be safe by alerting your drug test administration concerning your legitimate use of the Meloxicam for medicinal purposes. Be sure to have your prescription copy with you when you discuss this with them. 

Those Who Should Not Take Meloxicam

Some individuals need to avoid Meloxicam altogether. People suffering from specific health problems should stay away from it and other NSAID’s. These include patients who suffer from the following conditions and disease:

  • Asthma
  • Liver Disease
  • Intolerance of Fructose
  • Recurring Common Runny Nose Condition
  • Kidney Disease

The Various Side Effects of Meloxicam

As with many different kinds of potent medications, there are unfortunate side effects of taking Meloxicam. Some of these can be serious, including the following symptoms:

  • Sore Throat
  • Headaches
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach Pain
  • Indigestion
  • Retention of Fluids
  • Marked Drowsiness
  • Blood Circulation Problems
  • Raised Blood Pressure Issues

What Are The Appropriate Uses of Meloxicam?

Distributed under the branded name of Mobic, Meloxicam turns out to be a completely legal and legitimate prescription medication. The substance is controlled but perfectly permissible to consume if you have a valid doctor’s prescription to buy and take it. The medicine helps to diminish the proteins in the body that lead to inflammation. The result is to lower the pain and to swell around the body’s joints.

The medication is classified as an NSAID. These are commonly given to patients in lieu of the addictive opioid pain killers when patients have shown a tendency to become addicted to opioid-based prescription pain medications. NSAID’s are considered to be a less risky choice, especially for this class of patients who suffer from pain within their body’s muscles.