Trazodone is a reasonably well-known drug used by many for several reasons. Trazodone has a half-life of around 8 to 15 hours. In general, it takes four to five half-lives for a drug to leave altogether the system, which means it will take a total of 32 to 75 hours for trazodone to leave the body. Finally, a single dose of trazodone means the drug will be gone in one to three days for a healthy adult. Research on how long trazodone can stay in a person’s system is relatively scarce, however. This is because the drug does not have a very high potential for abuse.

Testing for trazodone

Testing for trazodone is very infrequent. Each of the respective methods yields inconclusive and similar data. Data on trazodone’s detectability in blood testing is more limited. There is no general timeframe because of this lack of data for finding trazodone present in an individual’s system.

One issue with trazodone is that it has led to many false positive drug tests for many people’s use of amphetamines. Make sure to let anyone administering any tests know about this drug and any others being taken if necessary.

Personal factors that can change the drug’s period spent in a person’s system.

The period in which trazodone stays in a person’s system can change a bit depending on a few things. Overall, the smaller a person is, and the more the drug is consumed, the longer it will stay in their system. This usually applies to how much a person is prescribed in the first place.

How Long Does Trazodone Stay in your System?

There are a few things that can factor into how long the drug stays in a person’s system. Many of these items go together because older people generally have a slower metabolism and will, therefore, experience a more extended period with trazodone in their system. Secondly, if a person is usually healthy, the drug will not linger for as long as those who are unhealthy. The factors below are always going to play a role in how long trazodone stays in a person’s system.

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Metabolism
  • Overall health

Why do people take trazodone?

Trazodone is classified as an antidepressant and is generally sold in two different forms. The vast majority of consumption of the drug is done by swallowing the pill in its tablet form. There are a few different ranges of prescriptions that include 150 mg, 400 mg, and even 600 mg per day.

Trazodone is mainly used to treat depression and can improve a person’s energy level, mood, and appetite. It also will decrease anxiety and help to fix insomnia is present in a user. The drug can be quite dangerous if mixed with other substances and can even cause some suicidal thoughts.

Though the tests are somewhat limited with trazodone, make sure to consult a professional before heavy usage. Overall, the drug should be used in a controlled manner and monitored with supervision.