Crack, the street name given to a crystallized form of cocaine, is an extremely addictive stimulant drug. When the rock crystals of crack are heated, they produce vapors that are smoked in order to get a high. Because of the strength of the addiction, long term inpatient crack addiction treatment programs are always a first choice.

Because crack is inhaled, its effects on the body are rapid. This causes an intense high that is starts to subside in 5-7 minutes, and often leaves a sensation of depression behind. Crack is highly addictive, and the body builds a tolerance to it very quickly. Addicts begin to use higher doses more frequently in order to try and achieve the same high and avoid the “crash” of depression that follows crack use.

A crack user’s body and brain become used to having the drug, and soon their lives are dedicated to obtaining and using the drug in order to avoid painful symptoms that occur when the drug isn’t present in the body. Life-threatening disorders may occur due to the rapid uptake of crack into the body, particularly since addicts increase the amount and frequency of use. These can include stroke, heart attack, coma, seizures and death.

Rehab Treatment for Crack Addiction

Addiction treatment must be individualized to your specific situation, and will include rehab treatment and therapy for the physical, psychological, emotional, family and social factors that may have led to and support the addiction.

Rehab treatment will start with a medically managed drying out period to slowly reduce the crack in your system, and help control the uncomfortable symptoms that come from this. Once this phase is completed, you will be more physically and psychologically ready to begin several phases of rehab that include an aftercare plan for when you return home.

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