Best Essential Oils for Addiction

Best Essential Oils for Symptoms of Addiction and Withdrawal

People who have undergone substance or alcohol addiction treatment acknowledge that the experience can be an ordeal that most people struggle to forget. When you ...
alcohol detox

Is Your Liver Detoxing? 8 Signs of Alcohol Detox

Signs of liver detox working Stopping excessive alcohol consumption can be difficult. Whether it's admitting that you have a problem with alcohol(perhaps for the first ...
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Protecting patients in Addiction Treatment

How are Addiction Treatment Centers maintaining services yet protecting patients amid the coronavirus pandemic? Many nations around the world have been crippled by drug and ...
Opiate vs Opioid

The difference between Opiate and Opioid

The two terms opiate and opioid are quite similar sounding word. However, they do not have the same definition. News stories and popular articles often ...
Hydrocodone vs. Oxycodone

Hydrocodone vs. Oxycodone

When dealing with opioid analgesics, it is not uncommon to wonder about the differences between the multiple types of prescriptions available today. When asking which ...

How do people overdose on drugs?

Overdose - What is it? And How does it Happen? Drug overdoses claim lives every day. Both prescription drugs and illegal drugs are responsible. Alcohol ...

Huffing: The Dangerous Effects of Inhalants

Inhaling chemical substances with the intention of creating a psychoactive or physical effect is a dangerous habit that often leads to a form of drug ...
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Tips for Parenting in Recovery

In recovery, there is hope. Parenting in recovery gives you the opportunity to build a healthy, happy home environment and raise resilient, joyful children. According ...
dating during recovery

Is Dating During Recovery a Good Idea?

Recovery is a process, a long one in many cases. It's a relinquishing of an addiction to drugs and alcohol and a rebuilding of a ...