DMT can be complicated to confirm how long it remains in the system. However, the consensus is that the drug can be traced up to 3 months in your body after being consumed.?

DMT is interesting because it works so rapidly. The effects of DMT only last about 30 to 45 minutes, while it may take about 45 seconds for the effects of the drug to be felt. The drug peaks at approximately the five-minute mark after first being used. It is also different from many other substances because standard drug screenings do not test for the drug. There is a range, though, depending on how you are tested for how long DMT will stay in your system.

Testing for DMT

 Whether or not a person has taken DMT can be tested with a variety of different methods. This means that the time the drug can be found can vary.

  • Urine: With a urine test, the way that DMT has been taken can affect the results. When smoked, DMT can be found in the urine for 24 hours. If ingested, DMT can be found 24 hours after last taken.?
  • Hair: With a hair test, a person could test positive for DMT within 90 days of taking it.
  • Blood: Since the drug moves so rapidly, blood tests can only find DMT for about 2 hours after the drug has been taken.
  • Saliva: Much like the blood test, DMT doesn’t linger for long in a person’s saliva. DMT can only be detected in a person’s saliva for about an hour.
Test Saliva Blood Urine Hair
Time 1 hour 2 hours 24 hours 90 days

Factors that will impact how long DMT stays in a person’s system

 The length of time DMT stays in a person’s system can vary a small amount based on a few things.

  • Age: Age can play a small role in how long DMT stays in someone’s system. Generally speaking, younger, more healthy folks will clear the drug faster than someone who is older and not as healthy.
  • Body Fat / Height: Like age, the healthier and more fit a person is, the faster the drug will exit their system.
  • Metabolism: Healthy people with a faster metabolism will get rid of traces of the drug faster.
  • Genes: A person’s genes may have a small impact on one person’s ability to clear DMT faster than another person’s ability.?

Can a person reduce the amount of time DMT is in their system?

There are a few factors that can reduce the amount of time DMT is in the system. The amount of time a person has been using DMT and the dosage amount will have an impact on the time the drug stays in the system.

Dimethyltryptamine drug test

Why do people use DMT?

DMT is an appealing drug to many for its psychedelic effects. The Schedule I drug causes intense hallucinations and auditory distortions over a short period. The drug can also be used with a vaporizer or combined with other herbs to be smoked.?

Furthermore, users feel euphoric but also have an increased heart rate and can become quite nauseous. DMT can also cause physical and psychological distress, paranoia, and several other negative symptoms.?

DMT is certainly not something to be taken without considering the ramifications. Though the drug doesn’t take long to act or cause its effects, it can be traced in one’s system for quite some time.