But first, you have to go to rehab. The active ingredient in Demerol is meperidine, an opiate. Your body becomes dependent on opiates; without a proper detox, you may suffer from dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

The thought of going to rehab and getting clean is scary. But the process doesn’t have to be so bad.

You just have to educate yourself first. Knowing your rehab options helps you become more confident in the recovery process and you’ll function better in sobriety.

Demerol Inpatient

Did you know many rehab facilities have specific rehab options for prescription painkiller and opiate abuse? As a Demerol addict, you’ll benefit from these programs.

Opiates are some of the most abused drugs in the world. This is why rehab facilities are gaining a better understanding of these pills and can better assist addicts in recovery.

The rehab facility you choose should offer a detox program. They will get to know your daily Demerol usage and can successfully ween you off of the medication. This help minimizes any withdrawal symptoms.

However, there’s a likely chance you’ll experience side effects of withdrawal. In a medical detox program, they will monitor your symptoms to ensure they don’t become dangerous.

You have two options when choosing a rehab facility: inpatient and outpatient rehab.

What Is Inpatient Treatment?

Most Demerol addicts are recommended inpatient rehab. You’ll stay at these facilities where medical staff can constantly monitor your sobriety and health.

Inpatient rehab also has other benefits. You’ll attend regular counseling and are encouraged to join various support groups the facility offers.

Counseling helps you better understand your addiction – why you became an addict and what you can do to better your life in sobriety.

Support groups help you connect with others who are struggling with addiction.

You’ll meet regularly to discuss your feelings and to ask any questions. You can continue meeting with support groups after your time in rehab and most of these groups are free.

Since you’re living at the facility, you need to follow specific rules.

  • Curfew
  • Drug screenings
  • Visitation hours
  • Dress code
  • Meeting attendance
  • Diet restrictions

These rules don’t only guarantee you’ll walk away sober. These rules are set in place to ensure safety for all patients.

Standard Length of Demerol Inpatient Treatment

These programs usually last between 30 and 90 days, though a patient can stay longer depending on their addiction. The length of time depends on how long you used Demerol, how much you took regularly, and your health.

Demerol Outpatient

Outpatient rehab is a little different. The addict doesn’t live at a rehab facility; rather, they stay at their home and attend rehab during the day.

This option is best for mild-to-moderate Demerol users whose recovery doesn’t require constant supervision.

What Is Outpatient Treatment?

With outpatient rehab, you still have access to all of the amenities at an inpatient facility. The medical staff will ween you off of Demerol and will monitor your withdrawal symptoms.

You’ll also still meet with a counselor and will still attend support group meetings.

Outpatient rehab is attractive for many addicts because it’s affordable.

You could end up saving thousands by opting for outpatient rehab. Many patients prefer outpatient rehab because they feel more comfortable recovering in their own home with their family.

Because the user is still at their home and is not under constant supervision, this option has the lowest success rate. There’s also a higher rate for relapse, which can easily be fatal.

Standard Length of Outpatient Treatment

You can spend up to 10 and 12 hours each day at the facility.

Because you’re not under constant supervision, outpatient rehab lasts longer than inpatient rehab. Expect to be in the program between three months and even up to a year.

Demerol Sober Living

After you undergo rehab, it’s time for you to live clean from your Demerol addiction. This is called Demerol sober living. This is the second chapter in your life – the life you live when you no longer feel the need to take Demerol.

What Is Demerol Sober Living?

A sober living facility is halfway between inpatient and outpatient treatment. Thus, it’s often referred to as a “halfway house.”

This is a residential facility that eases the transition back to the “real world.” You’ll live in a group setting with other recovering addicts.

What to Expect

But what is sober living like?

Saying your life will change is an understatement. Taking Demerol won’t become a part of your everyday routine. You’ll have to find new hobbies to replace your addiction and will learn how to re-function back into society.

Sober houses do this through responsibility and accountability.

There are many rules in a sober living facility. you’re expected to find a job or continue going to school. There are chores that you’ll share with other residents.

You may experience room checks and you’ll have to undergo random drug testing.

There will be a curfew in place. You may only be able to leave to go to work or see your family. You’ll have to sign in and out when you leave and come back.

Many sober living homes have house meetings and support groups, like a rehab facility.

Ongoing Recovery

Your road to recovery doesn’t end after your sober living room. Sobriety is a struggle; you’ll crave Demerol and risk relapsing. But it’s important you control these cravings and you continue living a sober life.

The best thing you can do is surround yourself with a strong backbone. Spend time with family and friends.

Continue going to support groups regularly. Try and find new hobbies to keep you occupied or engage in hobbies you did before your addiction.

Be sure to cut yourself off from people you knew previously, specifically those you did Demerol with. This will help prevent you from getting pressured into relapsing.

Some addicts find it helpful to move to a different city or even a different state.

Sobriety Is Possible With Demerol Treatment

If you’re a Demerol addict and you know you need help, there are many Demerol treatment options.

You’ll first attend rehab, followed by a sober living house. All of this helps you detox and remain sober. After this process, you’ll have to adapt to your new sober life.

The best way to ensure you achieve sobriety is by attending a rehab facility that has experience working with your addiction and can work with your individually.

We offer both inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment. Are you unsure of what you need? Contact us and we can help.