What if the thing that was supposed to be making you better actually made things worse?

Many people around the world use Lunesta to help with insomnia and other sleep-related issues. However, it’s possible to accidentally become addicted to this medication.

After becoming addicted, users may experience severe symptoms of Lunesta withdrawal. And the only real way to treat this issue is through detox.

Worried that you or someone you know may be affected by Lunesta withdrawal? Keep reading to discover our comprehensive guide to identifying and treating symptoms.

What Causes Lunesta Withdrawal?

As we said earlier, many people use Lunesta every day. And many others stop using it. So, why do some people develop withdrawal symptoms and others do not?

The duration of drug use is a major factor. Someone who has been using Lunesta for a long time is much more likely to suffer from withdrawal.

Second, the amount of drug use is another factor. Those who abuse Lunesta and take too much of it are far more likely?to experience withdrawal.


Finally, different bodies react to similar drugs in different ways. No two people will have the exact same experience with Lunesta even if they took the same amount over the same period of time.

Don’t forget that these symptoms can affect anyone from the very young to the very elderly!

Lunesta Withdrawal Symptoms

How can you tell if you or someone you know is suffering from Lunesta withdrawal? There are several key symptoms to watch out for.

For instance, some users report a kind of constant low-level anxiety throughout the day that may continue into the night and affect your ability to sleep.

In more extreme cases, those who have quit Lunesta may experience anxiety attacks and even seizures.

Another one of the Lunesta withdrawal symptoms is fatigue which may be due to increased anxiety affecting your ability to sleep and making you fatigued throughout the day.

Keep an eye on fatigue because it has the ability to significantly impact your career as well as your quality of life, making it worth addressing right away.

One of the more shocking Lunesta withdrawal side effects is mood swings which may be both violent and very sudden. Both the use of and withdrawal from Lunesta affects GABA receptors in your brain, which is what causes mood swings and other mental issues.

Nausea is one of the most annoying symptoms of withdrawal from Lunesta. This is not a mild sickness caused by simple things like seasonal allergies. Instead, withdrawal can lead to effects such as frequent vomiting.

Some people experience memory issues from Lunesta withdrawal that can make them seem absentminded and forgetful. Others have reported undergoing long periods of activity and having absolutely no memory of the events that took place ranging from eating a meal to even having sex!

Duration of Lunesta Withdrawal

Lunesta withdrawal symptoms can make you feel awful. This leaves many with a simple question: just how long will these withdrawal symptoms last?

As always, there is no “one size fits all” model. However, our research has allowed us to develop a simple withdrawal timeline that may help you as you battle these symptoms.

Withdrawal Timeline

For most people, symptoms can occur within a day or two of when they stop taking the drug. And for most users, the withdrawal only lasts for about a month.

It’s possible for withdrawal symptoms to last a bit longer than a month. Once again, this comes down to the simple fact that everyone’s bodies are different and that different people can react to both the drug and withdrawal in many different ways.

However, a major warning sign for anyone is if you find yourself having withdrawal symptoms that last longer than a month and a half. This is usually a sign that you need help with detox.

Keep in mind that professional detoxing can also be a preventative measure. You do not have to wait until you are severely suffering to seek out professional help.

Detoxing From Lunesta On Your Own

Done right, a deliberate detox is the best way to deal with your withdrawal symptoms. Done wrong, it’s the worst thing you can do.

Many people try to detox own their own in their own home. However, they may not know the best ways to do this and can end up experiencing even worse side effects that last over a longer period of time.

In fact, most of the severe withdrawal symptoms we have listed come from individuals who tried to solve everything on their own. Instead of making things better, it progressively made things worse.

If you are worried that you are suffering from Lunesta withdrawal, there is an easy solution to this. Instead of facing the issue on your own, you can work with a local detox center.

Medical Detox for Lunesta

Such medical detox centers are filled with trained professionals who can help you recognize withdrawal symptoms. Furthermore, they have the training and medication necessary to ease you off of Lunesta without harming your body or your mind.

A good center can help to heal your body. Furthermore, knowing you are not alone can help get you through this dark time in your life.

The combined psychological and physical benefits to medical detox are why we recommend it so highly to those dealing with any form of Lunesta withdrawal.

How Medical Detox Works and What to Expect

Medical detox is a relatively short procedure. You can initiate this by contacting a reputable center.

You will then meet with a specialized medical team to determine medication requirements. After you are prescribed medication, the detox process really begins.

You will be monitored by professionals to help you deal with any withdrawal symptoms. If you develop any mental conditions during withdrawal, the professionals can provide additional treatment as needed.

Medications Available for Lunesta Detox

The Lunesta detox process is relatively unique because of medication requirements. This is because there is no specific medication that works for everyone suffering from Lunesta withdrawal symptoms.

Instead, the medical team will determine what medications you are a good candidate for. In this way, everyone’s medication prescription and regimen is quite unique.

If you or someone you know needs medical detox for Lunesta withdrawal, help is closer than you think. Contact Addiction Treatment Solutions so that you can begin your road to recovery today!