Concerta is typically given to children and young adults that show ADHD symptoms. It’s the cousin to Retlin and if given to those with ADHD in the morning, it can keep them stay focused throughout the day. Like many things, it can be helpful until you start to abuse it.

The most common abuse of Concerta is when it’s crushed and inhaled through the nose. This can cause nasty withdrawal symptoms not to mention, heavy damage to the inside of the nasal cavity.

Here are is a list of all those Concerta withdrawal symptoms and how you or a loved one could detox from the drug.

What Causes Concerta Withdrawl

People, from adults who work two jobs to make ends meet to college students, trying to get through work, classes, and clubs take Concerta in an attempt to give them a quick boost of energy and stay awake.

Its effects kick in quicker than your morning coffee and many crush it and inhale it through the nose to make it work even faster. However, just like when you drink several cups of coffee, you’re bound to go through a Concerta crash eventually. This is what starts the withdrawal symptoms.

Concerta Withdrawal Symptoms

Once you stop taking the drug you will go through a series of withdrawal symptoms which starts with sudden mood swings.

Mood Swings

The most common Concerta withdrawal symptom is changes in your mood. You might go through a horrible bout of depression and anxiety. Any euphoria you felt from taking the drug will go away and be replaced with irritability.

concerta withdrawal

You’ll become restless which means any amount of focus it provided you with will be gone and it will also be hard for you to sleep.

Physiological letdown

When you’re taking the drug it can allow you to stay awake through your daily activities. When you decide to start detoxing from the drug you’ll experience the opposite effect. This means you will become fairly fatigued.

Appetite Changes

While you’re taking the drug your hunger will be suppressed but when it’s leaving your system, your appetite will pick back up causing you to overeat.

Other Effects

Some people may experience muscle cramps, nausea, jitteriness, headaches, or a slight tremor. In extreme instances, you might go through a period of hallucinations. If you take any other medication or drink alcohol with Concerta, you may experience seizures.

Duration of Withdrawal

Unless you abuse Concerta by using it along with other drugs, the duration of your withdrawal will be a short one. You’ll experience these symptoms in varying intensity for about a week depending on how much of it you have in your system. Here is a timeline of the process.

Withdrawal Timeline

About twelve hours to a few days after you’ve stopped the drug, the symptoms will start to show. At this time you will become fairly fatigued, your appetite will increase, the mood swings will start, and you’ll feel feverish, or chilled. You’ll probably find it hard to pay attention to your daily activities. Once these symptoms start, your craving for the drug will also begin.

After three to seven days the cravings will start to subside but all of your symptoms will reach their peak intensity. After the seventh day, the symptoms will start to calm down and your life will seem to continue on as normal.

Detoxing from Concerta on Your Own

Trying to quite Concerta on the spot all by yourself can be dangerous and will most likely result in you turning back to the drug. It’s recommended that you go see a medical professional. To this end, a rehab center is going to be your best option.

The treatment professionals there can help you develop new habits that can assist you in staying away from Concerta. This is the beginning of your medical detox.

Medical Detox for Concerta

When you enter the rehab center You have begun your journey through medical detox. During this process, you will be supervised by a medical professional and given all the care and support you need.

How Medical Detox Works and What to Expect

While you are at the rehab center you’ll be given food as well as a substantial amount of liquid to fight the dehydration caused by the drug. You’ll be able to comfortably rest in a place that will keep you safe from your own destructive thoughts.

Lastly, these medical professionals are trained to help those abusing drugs like Concerta so they will know exactly how to help you and act as the support team you desperately need.

Medications Available for Detox

To get you through depression, anxiety, anger, and mood swings, in general, you’ll be given medicine to keep you calm and help you think rationally during your stay at the center. Being able to have a clear mind to talk to your therapist is the first step to getting better.

Everything You Need to Know About Concerta Withdrawal

It’s easy for anyone to suffer through Concerta withdrawal if it isn’t used correctly or is taken with other drugs. It’s a good way to treat those with ADHD and keep them focused enough to get through their school day. However, when adults and college students start using it to stay awake during their daily lives, abuse starts to kick in.

The first step towards healing is to help a loved one admit they have a problem or admit that you have one yourself and seek help. Contact us to speak to one of our many trained professionals.