When is the Right Time to Perform an Addiction Intervention?

Addiction intervention is a crucial step in getting your loved one the help they need. Through a professional addiction intervention, your loved one will realize what their addiction is doing to themselves and their family. This will motivate them to get the help they need to become healthy and stay that way. There are some websites and doctors that will tell you that you have to wait until an addict hits rock bottom before they will accept an intervention. This is very inaccurate. Waiting until your loved one hits rock bottom is reckless and dangerous. On their downward spiral, they can cause serious physical, emotional, or spiritual harm to themselves and anyone they come into contact with. They may even end up in prison or even worse, dead.

As soon as a loved one’s addictions start to affect their lives or the lives of those around them, it is time for an intervention. A professional interventionist can help the family to create an “artificial bottom” for their loved one. This will effectively show the addict what his or her actions are doing to themself, their loved ones, and anyone else they come into regular contact with. The addict will see how much their family truly cares about them and will truly want to get better. You do not have to wait until your loved one has destroyed their body or worse before you try and step in to change their life for the better.

Who can Help?

It is important to seek the help of a trained professional when performing an intervention. With professional help, you exponentially increase the odds that your loved one will not only go to treatment, but that they will stick with the treatment and come out cured of their addictions. Our parent organization is Family First Intervention and is pleased to provide knowledge and experience to you and your family.  With the Family First Intervention staff, we are one of the premier addiction treatment specialists in the nation.

Don’t waste another day watching your loved one throw their life away. Seek the aid of a talented professional at Addiction Treatment Services today!