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What Does it Mean to Taper off Opioids?

You may have heard the term “tapering off opioids” but many people are unclear of what exactly it means. If you or someone you love has been taking opioid medications for more than a week or two there is a chance of encountering withdrawal symptoms. The best way to avoid these uncomfortable symptoms is through […]

What Should You Consider for Drug Detox?

If you’re asking yourself whether a drug detox is the right step for you, there are a few signs and symptoms of addiction that may indicate drug detox is necessary. If drug abuse has become a major part of your life and you’re ready to make a change, drug detox is an important first step […]

The Jury Is Still Out: Should You Approach CBD With Caution?

A substance that’s gained attention in recent years is CBD. Although a derivative of the cannabis plant, CBD is a legal substance due to its low THC levels. So, how does CBD make you feel? Well, cool as a cucumber. That’s because CBD has all of the relaxing benefits of cannabis without the THC effects […]

Recovery Plans for Teens and Young Adults Prove Troublesome Amid COVID-19. What to Expect…

It’s no secret that teens and young adults experiment with drugs and alcohol. October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month, and it falls during a particularly devastating year: The COVID-19 pandemic is still going on, and protests against racial injustice have been steadily growing. Mental health is a problem for many teens this year, and […]

Celebrities who have faced addiction

Most people associate entertainers with wealth, fame, and glamour but unbeknown to many, they are also human and have their demons. Indeed, some of the most successful entertainers and influencers have had to battle severe addictions at a certain point in their life while others are still undergoing rehabilitation. This post highlights some of the […]

ATS has partnered with Phoenix Behavioral Health

Addiction Treatment Services has partnered with Phoenix Behavioral Health to offer telehealth addiction services JUNE 01, 2020 Telehealth Addiction Services People facing alcohol and drug addiction often have trouble finding the right treatment for their needs and situation. The recent COVID-19 outbreak is making it harder than ever to get the help they want and […]

Is It Safe to Mix Benadryl and Alcohol?

Allergies are a real bummer. They make your nose drip, your eyes itch, and your throat tickle with that nagging cough that is sometimes enough to drive you crazy. In your desperation for relief, you might turn to Benadryl, the most famous (and the most effective) drug for combating allergies. As you sit and wait […]

Is My Addiction Bad Enough? When to Go to Rehab

When Is My Drug or Alcohol Addiction Bad Enough To Go To Rehab? People struggling with alcohol or drug addiction often find it extremely difficult to admit that they have a real problem. If your life and your relationships are being affected in an unfortunate way due to your drug or alcohol addiction, then maybe […]