When to Go to Rehab

Is My Addiction Bad Enough? When to Go to Rehab

When Is My Drug or Alcohol Addiction Bad Enough To Go To Rehab?

People struggling with alcohol or drug addiction often find it extremely difficult to admit that they have a real problem. If your life and your relationships are being affected in an unfortunate way due to your drug or alcohol addiction, then maybe it is time to face the reality of your addiction head-on. Once you finally admit that you have an addiction to yourself and your loved ones, you will be on the right path to a successful recovery. Now all you need to do is decide on how you want to get sober.

It is quite unfortunate that only about ten percent of people who struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction end up going to rehab and getting the help that they need. Of course, there are hundreds of different reasons that people believe they do not require treatment, but the most common reasons are that they haven’t realized the severity of their addiction or they just haven’t hit rock bottom yet. The worst thing is that most addicts will continue to use it until they hit rock bottom or end up dying from an overdose. You are already in a dangerous spot if you are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction. And if you are questioning whether or not you need to get help from a rehabilitation facility, then you probably do. If you wait, you are at risk of losing everything and everyone you love, possibly even your life.

Understanding The Severity Of Your Drug or Alcohol Addiction?

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they only have a severe addiction if their substance abuse has caused them to lose their home, job, marriage, and even individual relationships within your family. However, that is not the case. You may have just been lucky so far, but luck does not last forever. Even if your addiction is still in its early stages, you should always seek treatment for your addiction as soon as you possibly can.

Addictions are diagnosed on a spectrum, and there are many different criteria for addiction that can help determine whether your level of addiction is mild, moderate, or severe. Here are a few various examples:

  • Withdrawals
  • Unable to quit, even if you wanted to
  • Relationship issues
  • Loss of interest in things that you used to love
  • Unable to control yourself
  • Increasing Tolerance
  • Spending a vast majority of your free time trying to obtain the substance

The higher the number of criteria that you meet, the more severe that your addiction is. However, even if your addiction is mild, getting help as soon as you can help save your life before it is too late. Remember that you are risking your life anytime you use drugs or alcohol, and if you drive under the influence, you are endangering everyone else’s lives. And every single year, thousands of people die from alcohol poisoning and drug overdoses.

What Should You Do If Your Friends Fail to Recognize The Severity Of Your Addiction?

You are questioning whether you have an addiction, but your friends continue to tell you otherwise, or you are just overreacting. If this happens to you and you’re unsure of what to do, consider asking yourself these three questions.

  1. If The Table Was Turned, Would You Feel Comfortable Confronting Them About Their Addiction? It all depends on whether or not your friendship is durable enough for that extreme level of honesty. Your friend(s) could be questioning this as well. They could be too scared to address your addiction and risk their friendship with you, especially if it has been rough in the past.?
  2. Are Your Friends In The Same Position As You? If your friend(s) also happen to struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction, then they may be saying whatever they possibly can to avoid losing their party buddy, especially if they are too afraid to admit that they have an addiction. However, if they’re truly a real friend, they will stand by your decision to get sober no matter what.
  3. Are You Guilty of Hiding Your Addiction From Them? If you have hidden this side of you from your friends, then they may be utterly shocked once they are told. They are most likely in denial of how it could even be possible or wondering how they failed to notice this all this time. Use this as an opportunity to be completely honest and open up to them about your substance abuse issues. After all, you will want them by your side while you recover.

Your Addiction Can And Will Only Get Worse As Time Passes

 A mild diagnosis may not be as critical as a severe diagnosis, but it’s just as important because your life is still at risk. Addiction is a progressive disease meaning that it will only get worse over time. The diagnosis of your addiction could be mild one week and then moderate or severe the next. Please don’t wait until you hit rock bottom or die from an overdose; it’s time to go and get the help that you need. 

Reach Out To A Good Rehabilitation Facility & Grasp At Your Best Chance at Getting Sober

To beat any level of addiction to alcohol or drugs, you must get rid of the physical dependence and address any behavior or psychological problems because of your addiction. Eliminating the physical dependence of any substance will require a full detox to get the drugs or alcohol out of your body. Getting your detox done by medical professionals is much safer than doing it yourself at home. If you quit cold turkey, it will not affect the psychological aspect of any drug or alcohol addiction. If you want to recover from your addiction, you must change the way you act, think, and feel. Without getting help from experienced medical professionals at a rehabilitation facility, addressing the psychological aspect of any drug or alcohol addiction. These medical professionals not only care about your well-being, but they are also there to assist you with any issues or withdrawal symptoms.

Struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction doesn’t mean that you are a terrible person, or even a weak person, it just means that you have a substance abuse problem and it’s time to get the help that you need. Your addiction is only going to get worse as time goes by, so get help sooner rather than later because your life is in danger. If you are unable to stop but want to, then it is time to check into a rehabilitation facility today! Going to a rehabilitation facility will allow you to gain a reliable support system and set you up with a set of skills to beat your disease for many more years to come. Without seeking help from these medical professionals, your drug or alcohol addiction could last your entire life. Go out and save your life today!