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Here’s What Macklemore Has to Say About Drug Addiction, Rehab, and Gratitude

For every tragic and less-than-positive story in the news today, there is an uplifting story about love overcoming all obstacles. A prime example of this is the November 2013 story of Macklemore’s surprise for his mother-in-law, Diana Davis. After helping Macklemore through drug addiction and rehab, Diana received a surprise home renovation from her son-in-law as gratitude for her support.

Macklemore Surprises His Mother-in-Law With a Home Makeover!

Ben Haggerty, better recognized as Macklemore, is an award-winning musical artist and rap sensation. And, unfortunately, he is one of many celebrities that struggle with drug addiction.

Macklemore’s drug addiction history has cycled through use, withdrawal rehab, and relapse. Even so, his family and particularly his mother-in-law have been by his side every step of the recovery journey.

To show his gratitude, Macklemore funded a massive home makeover for his mother-in-law. He even went so far as to pay off her mortgage.

According to Macklemore, this gift was to thank his mother-in-law for standing by his side while he battled painkiller and alcohol addiction. Naturally, this thoughtful and life-changing deed made headlines everywhere in 2013.

Like Many, Macklemore Struggles with Drug Addiction

Like many of his fellow celebrities, Macklemore has entered rehab on multiple occasions. However, with help from his loved ones, he has managed to stay sober for close to a decade. In fact, his love for his family has a substantial influence on his desire to stay sober.

If I stop prioritizing the daily recovery program that I do to maintain sobriety? I will lose it all.

Macklemore: Fear Of Losing My Family Keeps Me Sober, The Fix

It’s important to note that drug addiction is not limited to Hollywood or the Red Carpet. In fact, nearly 40 percent of Americans struggle with an addiction to illicit drugs. Moreover, almost 75 percent of those who struggle with substance abuse also struggle with alcoholism.

While these figures are unsettling, the good news is that the issues surrounding substance abuse, addiction, and rehab are steadily gaining more public awareness.

Macklemore Advocates for Rehab and Sobriety

Stigma and denial are the most significant inhibitors of drug addiction prevention and treatment. The fact of the matter is that people are often too scared to admit they have a problem, and so they don’t seek help.

However, high-profile celebrities like Macklemore are making an effort to fight the stigma and improve treatment prospects for addiction sufferers everywhere.

In 2018, he even headlined the first-ever Recovery Fest, an annual concert that raises awareness for all things addiction and recovery.

Stories like Macklemore’s are doing an excellent service to those who need help to find the right treatment and resources.

An Important Message from Macklemore on Drug Addiction

The most crucial takeaway from Macklemore’s story is that one person has the power to make a difference in the life of a loved one.

Macklemore didn’t renovate Diana’s home or pay off her mortgage on a whim. He did it to show gratitude because she, much like his wife Tricia Davis, stuck by him even at his lowest points.

Anyone in the world, from friends to coworkers and family members to strangers, can reach out to others with one simple question:

“Are you alright?”

This question and the conversations that follow can inspire a lifetime of recovery and sobriety. After all, it did for Macklemore.

Inciting Change for Those Struggling with Drug Addiction

With more people offering to help and more substance users realizing that there’s nothing wrong with seeking help, substance abuse is on the decline. With continued effort and work, the hardship that is addiction will become an occurrence of the past.

Combating substance abuse starts with the individual. Music or no music, audience or no audience, the achievements of anyone who beat addiction are inspiring. A little bit of compassion and understanding today could help the Macklemores of tomorrow gain the control and stability they need to not only survive but thrive.

Learn More About Drug Addiction Treatment Options

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