Alcohol and other drug interventions are usually the first step towards recovery for a loved one struggling with a substance abuse problem. An addiction intervention works exponentially better if it is performed with the aid of a professional interventionist. A professional interventionist has the experience and skills to make sure your loved one is most likely to not only accept treatment, but also stick with treatment until the end. With the help of a trained professional, you give your loved one the best possible chance at a full and lasting recovery.

Family First Intervention and Addiction Treatment Services help to educate your family so your loved one is far more likely to accept help after the intervention and begin the path to a better life for your entire family.

Alcohol Addiction Interventions

Alcohol intervention is a particularly tricky form of intervention to perform without the help of a professional. Since alcohol is legal, abusers will present a strong and sometimes violent front in defense of its use. With the help of a licensed, practiced professional interventionist your family can help the addict realize what they are doing to the family system. A professional will be able to deflect the blame away from the family and put it onto its rightful owner, the alcoholic. With the help of a professional alcohol addiction intervention, your loved is much more likely to be willing to begin the process of turning their life around once and for all.

Drug Addiction Interventions

Drug Addiction Interventions are something we deal with very commonly at Addiction Treatment Services. With our new partnership with Family First Intervention we are sure that we can have your loved one accept blame for their actions and take the first big step towards a lasting recovery. Our combined staff has a plethora of experience and a drug addiction intervention from our team is sure to make your loved one realize the burden their addiction is causing their family.

The Importance of Seeking a Professional Addiction Intervention

An addiction intervention is so much more than just talking to your loved one about how they are affecting your lives and begging them to seek help. With one of our professional’s help, you can bring up valid points that will truly reach your loved one and make them want to get better. A professional will also meet with the family and guide them through the process before confronting the addict. Finally, a professional can help restructure the home of the addict, so that they return from treatment into a more friendly, healthy environment.