Magic mushrooms or shrooms have been illegal in the US since the 1970s. But in recent years, small, controlled studies have looked at them more closely. The withdrawal and detox process bears some very interesting characteristics.

Unlike most drugs, shrooms don’t cause unbearable physical symptoms. Instead, the withdrawal happens as a psychological process. What’s more, the resulting detox has fewer and less complicated steps than some other drugs.

However, even though withdrawal is less painful, the drug is still not a safe one to get addicted to. And the process of overcoming the addiction will still be just that, a process.

What Causes Mushrooms Withdrawal

The main chemical compound in shrooms is Psilocybin. By itself, it does nothing in the body. However, once metabolized, it becomes psilocin.

This binds to serotonin sights in the brain and causes brain signals to reroute. When this occurs the high, or trip, begins. A bad trip will often result in someone never using shrooms again.

On the other hand, a good trip will set someone on the path toward addiction. A good trip brings feelings of euphoria and a sense of being connected to everything.

Some rank their use of shrooms as the among the topmost religious experiences in their life. These good trips create the psychological addiction characteristic of shrooms.

Ending the use of shrooms brings about the withdrawal. Psilocybin doesn’t produce unbearable withdrawal symptoms like some drugs. Rather, the withdrawal works to bring a person back to reality, specifically this reality.

A gradual dosing down seems to be the best method for ending dependence. Also, restoring interest in social activities can help break the hold of the drug.

Withdrawal Symptoms

After a person stops the use of shrooms totally, a withdrawal may begin. The withdrawal symptoms depend on the person.

Because the addict must adjust to this world being all that exists, depression can occur. This should come as no surprise, though. Support groups and reintegration into social circles can help alleviate this symptom.

Insomnia can rear its ugly head as a symptom. This symptom can be the most difficult to deal with. A person begins to reason that ending usage of the drug is robbing them of sleep.

With this reasoning in place, going back to shrooms becomes attractive. This symptom may require professional treatment or prescription sleep aids. Also, adding exercise to the daily regimen can make a person more tired at night.

The final symptom is sometimes called a flashback. But it isn’t actually a flashback. Rather it is Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder or HPPD.

HPPD is the other difficult symptom of withdrawal. These are memories of the good trips and can occur months after quitting. Because you experience the high and the emotions again, they can cause a relapse into usage.

Duration of Mushrooms Withdrawal

Factors which influence the ease of treatment include general health and age. A younger person with healthy habits will recover more quickly. The reverse seems to be true as well.

More on making healthy habits part of your detox later.

Withdrawal Timeline

The regularity of drug use will likely slow the withdrawal process. Even though tolerance to shrooms builds quickly, it dissolves quickly as well.

Note, just because tolerance fades, does not mean all the effects and symptoms fade. But, scaling down before quitting seems to work. Therefore, taking longer and longer breaks in between trips will reduce the amount needed each use.

But, these repeated smaller doses as one cycles off of it extends the time for withdrawal to complete.

Quantities of drugs used go hand in hand with the regularity of use.

The last concern for the duration of withdrawal involves pre-existing psychological issues. If depression or anxiety led to drug use, ending the use may bring these problems back up.

Again, dealing with these symptoms may require medical aid and possibly prescriptions.

Detoxing from Mushrooms on Your Own

All that being said, the withdrawal process from shrooms comes easier than some other drugs.

Since withdrawal isn’t as severe, detoxing comes more easily as well. One of the first steps of detox involves creating real-world experiences. An addict needs to reconnect with society in a positive way to prevent relapse.

Another helpful step is to reorganize a person’s life and set up healthy habits. Getting exercise every day is necessary for every person. Even more so for recovering addicts.

Even just small amounts of exercise can bring on euphoric states without drugs. Plus, exercise helps people to set personal goals, and those goals give them purpose.

Next, on the same line of becoming healthier as a whole, your diet needs to be addressed. Part of detox requires getting healthy things into the body again. Nutrient dense foods full of antioxidants can come to the rescue.

Fruits, vegetables, and seeds are some of the most nutrient dense foods we have. Plus, nothing better than rediscovering the flavors of a favorite meal, no matter what it is.

The final piece of home detox involves using a sauna. A sauna is a great place to sweat out toxins trapped in the fat cells.

Make sure to have someone with you when using the sauna. Sometimes trapped drugs are freed into the systems and can bring on a trip.

Medical Detox

How Medical Detox Works and What to Expect

Sometimes personal detox isn’t quite enough and medical aid must be consulted. In the case of shrooms, the medical options are not expansive, but they are available.

While detoxing makes a great first step, a rehab facility completes the treatment. The staff at these facilities will treat the whole person, not just the disease.

Medications Available for Shrooms Detox

Benzodiazepines can be administered to ease mood swings and emotional turbulence while detoxing. But currently, few medications exist to aid in detox.

Go Get Clean and Reconnect

The detox and withdrawal process from shrooms is far less complex than with other drugs. One of the most important things to do is to rebuild connections with people. Your brain craves the connectedness experienced of the drugs.

After stopping, reconnect with people and find new social circles to be a part of. That factor will be a huge determiner of staying clean or not.

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