Family First Intervention is the parent company of Addiction Treatment Services, and is a nationwide provider of drug and alcohol intervention specialists.

With both resources available to your family, Addiction Treatment Services and it’s intervention services are able to provide your family with:

  • Consultation and Assessment
  • Insurance Verification
  • Intervention Consultation and Overview
  • Perform the intervention
  • Deliver you loved one to treatment

A professionally run intervention is the best answer for you and your loved one who is addicted to drugs or alcohol. An intervention is what breaks the barrier between just talking about getting help, and actually beginning treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

We’ll arrange for you to work with a professional interventionist to begin breaking down that barrier.

About Intervention

Interventions are about making decisions that lead to formal treatment and recovery from drugs and alcohol. They are also about helping the family recover from the damaging effects of addiction and alcoholism. Interventions don’t happen on a whim. To be effective, planning and preparation need to take place. That is where one of highly skilled professionals comes in. They will meet with the family prior to intervention day and set forth a plan for success. They will also help the family change the environment for the better, so that the addict returns from treatment into a healthier home.

Maybe you have already decided to contact us to help you decide which drug or alcohol treatment center will best fit you and your addicted loved one’s particular set of circumstances. Or you just want information on what possibilities are out there. hese are very important things to do, but Addiction Treatment Services can also arrange an intervention that will make your loved one take that critical step: realize there is a problem, and that rehab, and rehab now, is the only answer.

Something else to consider, and a very serious consideration, is that if you wait, it may be too late to help your loved one. With every day that they take drugs or use alcohol, the higher their risk of life-threatening overdose or involvement in a deadly set of circumstances rises. Waiting for them to make the decision can often be the very worst option.

Why Seek the Help of a Professional?

Professional drug and alcohol interventionists help convince your loved one to make that decision to enter treatment. But more than this, the intervention specialist mediating the actual intervention will help prepare you for this very emotional and life-changing event. They will also work with you to repair the damage to the family unit in order to support long term recovery for all of you. A professional interventionist has the skills and knowledge needed to ensure your loved one not only goes to treatment, but that they stay there and get better.