Waterbury Inpatient Rehab Information

If you’re looking for rehab treatment resources or addiction treatment in Waterbury, Connecticut, then look no farther. At Addiction Treatment Services, we help people just like you find the drug and alcohol rehab program or treatment center capable of giving them the care they need while also staying in their insurance network.

We can help you find alcohol and drug rehab inpatient rehab centers near Waterbury that offer the treatment services you’re looking for, no matter what type of addiction you’re trying to overcome.

The substances most commonly abused and treated by rehab centers near Waterbury, CT include:

  • Heroin
  • Prescription painkillers and other opioids
  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana

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Rehab Treatment Options in Waterbury, CT

Most alcohol and drug rehab programs will work well for different addictions and patients, however, there are instances where intensive individualized treatment options could be suggested in order to give you the most effective treatment experience possible.

Rehab treatment programs available in Waterbury are:

  • Inpatient treatment (30, 60, or 90 days)
  • Outpatient treatment plans
  • Medically Assisted Treatment
  • Detoxification programs

The mental health aspects of drug and alcohol addiction recovery have started being taken more seriously as well. Hopefully this focus will continue to grow, since it’s well known that neglecting underlying causes of addiction can interfere with recovery efforts. Those who treat their addiction and underlying mental health issues tend to have more effective recovery treatment and better odds of long-term sobriety.

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We Can Help You Find Inpatient Treatment in Waterbury

Our services specialists are available 24/7, so don’t hesitate to call. Addiction Treatment Services can help you find inpatient drug and alcohol rehab treatment in Waterbury, or anywhere else in Connecticut. No matter what types of treatment you’re looking for, we can help you find it.

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