Delaware State Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

The number of people in Delaware who are seeking help for drug and alcohol problems has been increasing in recent years. In fact, the average single day count for those currently enrolled in a treatment program has increased by 50% in the state, growing from 4,100 people to over 6,200 people in a five-year period.

The overall treatment population in Delaware generally consists of 59% of the people having only drug problems, 14% having alcohol problems and 27% being admitted for both alcohol and drug abuse. More than 2,500 of them are on some type of opioid replacement drugs, such as methadone or buprenorphine. The number of people being prescribed methadone has doubled in the past five years, which makes up for a large percentage of the increase in overall treatment population on a given day.

delaware-sm2Despite the increase in the number of people being treated, the total percentage of substance abusers in the state has remained relatively stable. Roughly 53,000 people in Connecticut are dependent on or abuse alcohol each year and about 21,000 people are dependent on or abused illicit drugs.

What happens when your loved one won’t get help? Most substance abusers aren’t immediately accepting of help and typically refuse treatment at first. This is why an intervention of some form is necessary to break the destructive cycle of abuse and addiction. We can help you with drug interventions in Delaware, either through advice from one of our intervention consultants or by hiring an intervention specialist to come out and assist you in the process.

Of course, the best intervention early on is to prevent substance abuse before it starts. Right now there are about 11% of teens in Delaware who report using illicit drugs within the past month. What percentage of those will become addicts? How many new ones will begin abusing alcohol or other drugs? Delaware’s future public health and safety are somewhat reliant upon effective drug addiction prevention and treatment measures.

If you’re seeking a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program for yourself or someone else, we can assist you in locating successful treatment facilities, and even perform an insurance benefits check as a complimentary service to you. Contact Addiction Treatment Services today to speak with an addiction consultant now.

More Drug and Alcohol Resources for Delaware

Delaware Department of Health and Social Services
Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health

1901 N. Du Pont Highway, Main Bldg.
New Castle, DE 19720

The Delaware Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health (DSAMH) is located in the Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS). DSAMH serves the adult (age 18 and older) population in need of publicly funded behavioral health services. DSAMH is organized into three operating units. These are the Delaware Psychiatric Center (DPC), two Community Mental Health Centers with six sites, and a variety of community-based Substance Abuse Treatment Programs.
Their mission is to promote health and recovery by ensuring that Delawareans have access to quality prevention and treatment for mental health, substance use, and gambling conditions.

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