Kentucky Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Unfortunately, Kentucky is one of several states in the country that has seen a significant increase in the number of people seeking treatment for an addiction to opiates. Whether it is for heroin or prescription painkillers, too many people from the state have been told long-term maintenance drugs are what they need. In fact, nearly 3,000 people are now taking buprenorphine as opioid replacement therapy, compared to less than 350 just five years earlier.

At Addiction Treatment Services, we seek to find more successful solutions for people in Kentucky. We can help you locate programs that work with your insurance, as well as help you set up an intervention for a family member if needed.

kentucky-smThe number of people in Kentucky seeking all types of treatment has risen in recent years, as there are nearly 25,000 people enrolled in some type of program on a given day, which is up from less than 20,000 just a few years prior. Of those seeking help, about 36% were for drug problems only, 20% for alcohol only and the other 44% were for problems with both alcohol and drugs.

Despite the higher numbers of people in the state receiving treatment services, there are hundreds of thousands in all who need help. This means that only a fraction of the people dependent on or abusing alcohol or other drugs in the state go untreated each year.

From a youth perspective, about 23,000 teenagers in Kentucky reported using illicit drugs in the past month. Additionally, 65% of adolescents in the state perceived no great risk from smoking marijuana once a month, while 60% felt the same way about having five or more drinks once or twice per week.

If you have a loved one in Kentucky in need of intervention, treatment or recovery services, contact us today to speak with someone who can help guide you through this process.

Additional Resources for Recovery in Kentucky

Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services
Behavioral Health Division

100 Fair Oaks Lane 4E-D
Frankfort, KY 40621-0001

The Division of Behavioral Health (DBH) is responsible for the administration of state and federally funded mental health and substance abuse treatment services throughout the commonwealth. The Division of Behavioral Health is a product of the merger of the Division of Substance Abuse and the Division of Mental Health in July 2004. With an increased focus on the treatment needs of individuals with co-occurring disorders (behavioral health and substance abuse) at the national, state and local levels, an anticipated outcome of the merger is a more integrated, seamless service system.

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