Tennessee Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

When you are ready for treatment, you are often still struggling with just getting that next drug or drink. Or maybe you are a family member who is desperate to find help for the addict or alcoholic that you care for-trying to make an immediate decision can be impossible without guidance and support. That is exactly why Addiction Treatment Services is here for you when you need help most.


Addiction Treatment Services will explain each of your options to help you decide which alcohol and drug addiction treatment center is best for you and your family. Don’t settle for the wrong addiction treatment center when there are many effective rehab programs that will best meet your addiction, financial and family needs.

We want you to succeed in finding long-lasting recovery from addiction!

Finding the right addiction treatment center in Tennessee

One of the most important aspects of drug or alcohol addiction treatment is to be able to fully devote time and energy to it, without external distractions. For many, this means completely separating themselves from the negative influences and situations that kept them drinking and using in the first place.

Sometimes these are social situations, but they can be related to family and friends, too. Even not meaning to, family members can continue to enable the addictive behavior during the rehab period.

Doing the hard work of rehab in an addiction treatment center distant from home is the best option for most people.

Addiction treatment centers in Tennessee-choosing the right center for you

Which addiction treatment program is right for you? You may not be even sure, and we can help you with this. Do you need a dual diagnosis program? One that is specifically for teen drug and alcohol addiction? Christian addiction treatment? Supervised aftercare programming?

The choices are complicated, numerous and confusing. And exactly why we can help!

Addiction Treatment Services knows what is available in treatment programs across the United States. We will discuss each possibility with you, and we will never suggest any drug and alcohol treatment facility that doesn’t share our own core value of individualized and client-centered care.

Call us now and we’ll see which one of our addiction treatment center partners best meets your needs.