Wisconsin Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment Services knows that when you are ready to enter treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction you are ready now. When you are scared, sick, and afraid you’ll keep using without help, call us. We’ll get you the help that you need. We’re here to help you understand your rehab treatment options and make the best decision for recovery.

Finding the right addiction treatment center in Wisconsin

wisconsin-smOutpatient treatment is rarely a good first option for someone with a drug or alcohol addiction problem. It is one phase of a comprehensive program, but shouldn’t be the initial phase of treatment if relapse is to be avoided. Don’t make this mistake.

Addiction Treatment Services will help you avoid other common mistakes when it comes to selecting an addiction treatment center. You are under severe stress, and having our professional support to make the right decision will help.

Addiction treatment centers in Wisconsin-is it the best option?

Not necessarily. Sometimes it is best to be in another part of the state, or even in a completely different region of the country, in order for a person to be able to focus fully and beneficially on their rehab.

Many people fail in rehab because they can easily leave the center and reconnect with friends who are using, or even supply them with drugs or alcohol while they are in treatment. Why set yourself up for failure?

It may be hard to consider leaving Wisconsin for addiction treatment, but when you contact us we’ll discuss other geographic locations that may best suit your unique needs. Our certified addiction counselors can readily discuss both in-state and out-of-state addiction treatment center options, so call us now.

Addiction Treatment Services has professional links to many highly regarded and credentialed rehab facilities in all regions of the US. We won’t suggest any drug and alcohol treatment facility that doesn’t share our own core value of individualized and client-centered care.

Call us now and we’ll see which one of our addiction treatment partners best meets your needs.

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