Arizona Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Do you have a loved one in Arizona who is in need of help for a drug or alcohol problem in Arizona? you’re not alone. There are tens of thousands of people in Arizona who seek treatment for substance abuse each year.

Getting them to treatment doesn’t have to be a nightmare. There are very successful intervention techniques that can help put family members back in control. It takes some kind of intervention for people addicted to alcohol or other drugs to agree to get help. Sometimes this comes from family, but it could also come from law enforcement, work or something more tragic.

arizona-smWe specialize in helping people in Arizona find the resources they need to get help for themselves or a loved one struggling with substance abuse. Whether it is finding an interventionist, locating an appropriate treatment facility or verifying insurance benefits, our recovery consultants are available to assist you.

There are roughly 38,000 people in treatment in Arizona on a typical day, which is up from less than 28,000 just a few years ago. The Arizona Department of Health Services Behavioral Health Division reported more than 72,000 total people treated through their programs in 2013. It was also reported that 93 percent of the participants were adults.

As for substance abuse in Arizona, more than 60,000 teenagers reported illicit drug use within the past month. Additionally, 75% of youth who were surveyed said they didn’t think it was dangerous to smoke marijuana once a month, while 60% felt the same about having five or more drinks once or twice per month.

The attitude tracking is an important indicator for current and future substance abuse trends, both in Arizona and around the country, as there are about a half a million people in Arizona who abuse or are dependent on alcohol, and more than 170,000 who abused or are dependent on illicit drugs. Of those people receiving treatment in Arizona, 30% are for drugs only, 22% are for alcohol only, and the balance of 48% are for both alcohol and drugs.

The number of people in Arizona taking replacement drugs for opiate addiction treatment has risen over the years. There are more than 5,500 people on methadone and another 700 or more taking buprenorphine. These are up from about 4,000 and 270 just a few years earlier.

There are a wide variety of treatment services available for people in Arizona. For those who want a way to get off all drugs, they can first start with a medical detox program, then move into a longer-term treatment program followed up by outpatient care and recovery support.

Contact us if you would like assistance in locating treatment services for yourself or someone else, or feel free to check out some of the additional recovery resources below.

More Addiction Treatment Resources in Arizona

Arizona Department of Health Services
Division of Behavioral Health
150 North 18th Avenue #200
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Arizona State Hospital
2500 East Van Buren Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85008

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