Minnesota Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Despite Minnesota being a progressive state that also has one of the most well-known treatment centers in the world, there are many thousands of people who are in need of drug and alcohol rehabilitation services. If this applies to you or a loved one, We’re here for you right now.

There are many things to consider in order to make the best decision, and we’re here to help you through this. Call us now, and we’ll get your started on your way to recovery.

Addiction Treatment Services is available now to go over the many things you have to consider, from the type of treatment program and focus, financial issues and the importance of aftercare programs.

Addiction Treatment Program in Minnesota


An important thing to consider is the location of the addiction treatment center. For many people struggling with addiction the absolute best thing that can happen is to have a geographic separation from the conditions that support the addictive behavior. This might mean social connections or even family members who may be knowingly, or even unknowingly, enabling you to keep drinking or using drugs.

Many people fail in rehab over and over again because they can easily leave a local center and reconnect with friends who are using, or even supply them with drugs or alcohol while they are in treatment. Calling these “friends” is a good indicator of just how important it is to be geographically well-separated.

Minnesota Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

Comprehensive and client-centered care is also important when choosing an addiction treatment center. A Christian addiction center may also meet your needs, or one that will give you specialized help if you have a mental health problem along with your drug or alcohol problem. We’ll explain each of the types of programs and help you decide what will give you the best chance for recovery.

Addiction Treatment Services has professional links to many highly regarded and credentialed rehab facilities across the country. We won’t suggest any alcohol and drug rehab treatment facility that doesn’t share our own core value of individualized and client-centered care. Call us now and we’ll see if one of our addiction treatment partners best meets your needs.

Additional Recovery Resources for Minnesota

Minnesota Department of Human Services
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division
PO Box 64977
St. Paul, MN 55164-0977

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