If you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab treatment in Houston, Addiction Treatment Services can help make your search easier. Addiction Treatment Services will verify your insurance coverage, find out what treatment programs are available to you, match you with in-network alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers, and find out if you’ll be expected to pay anything out of pocket for your rehab treatment.

Though the entire state is affected by the nationwide opioid epidemic, Houston has to contend with some startling adolescent drug usage numbers as well. Synthetic cannabinoids (marijuana) are usually considered safer and healthier than genuine marijuana, but the mind-altering chemicals mixed into synthetic marijuana make it more dangerous. In many cases, the chemicals sprayed onto shredded plant materials or vaporized can affect the brain more strongly than regular marijuana. This can make the effects more severe, unpredictable, and lethal.

And if that wasn’t enough, Houston has some of the highest percentages of high school drug usage in the state:

  • Cocaine, 9.6%
  • Ecstasy (MDMA), 8.6%
  • Heroin, 6.1%

Rehab Treatment in Houston, TX

Our goal is to help you find the rehab treatment you deserve. When you call us, we’ll review your insurance benefits and verify your coverage for rehab in Houston. Plus, we’ll help you find a rehab program and treatment center that can give you the most effective treatment.

Most types of drug and alcohol rehab treatment work well for various types and levels of drug and alcohol addictions. But depending on the severity of your case, intensive individualized treatment options may be suggested in order to give you the most effective treatment possible.

Some of the popular substance abuse treatments in Houston are:

  • Medically Assisted Treatment
  • Detox programs
  • Inpatient treatment (30, 60, or 90 days)
  • Outpatient treatment plans

The behavioral health side of addiction recovery is also starting to be taken more seriously in recent years. Integrated treatment facilities are gaining popularity, since they specialize in treating dual diagnosis patients (people who suffer from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol who also have one or more underlying mental health disorders). Even less specialized rehab centers are focusing on mental and behavioral health, since ailments like depression, anxiety, and eating disorders can lead to or exacerbate addiction.

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Whether you’re looking for treatment in Houston, another region of Texas, or somewhere else in the country, Addiction Treatment Services can help you out. Our treatment specialists are available 24/7, so call us now to take the first step towards your addiction recovery.