Dexedrine is a powerful ADHD medication that many patients benefit from. Sometimes, though, an addiction to the substance can cause serious problems for the patient. If you or someone you love is addicted to Dexedrine, they might need to seek treatment soon.

The good news is that there are trusted treatment options available to you. It’s not often that serious addictions to Dexedrine can be kicked without medical professionals.

You might need to make the most of all resources available to help quit this addiction. For this reason, it’s a good idea to consider all the various treatment options.

Dexedrine addiction treatment has specific strategies involved. The National Institute on Drug Abuse classifies Dexedrine as a stimulant. That means treatment will have to target those overly-stimulated senses to recalibrate the body’s systems.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about what to expect with Dexedrine treatment.

Dexedrine Inpatient

For initial or serious cases of Dexedrine addiction, consider inpatient treatment. This requires patients to live in a residential treatment facility for a set length of time. They’re fully immersed in rehabilitation, making it great for those seeking a full recovery.

What Is Inpatient Treatment?

Dexedrine addiction is no laughing matter, and it can happen to anyone. There’s a reason the drug’s label even states it has a “high potential for abuse.” Don’t fool yourself if you or someone you know needs to undergo serious treatment.

Perhaps the most immersive type of addiction treatment is inpatient. When undergoing inpatient treatment, patients actually live in the onsite residential facility.

Their schedules usually involve both individual and group therapy programs. Most patients participate in other forms of therapy and activities while living in the facility.

Inpatient treatment is about more than keeping the patient secluded from the outside world why they go through detox. Inpatient treatment is a personalized program that helps patients reorient their behavioral patterns. Instead of treating the symptoms of Dexedrine addiction, patients are able to establish long-term healthy habits in a safe environment.

Standard Length of Dexedrine Inpatient Treatment

The length of inpatient treatment can vary from patient to patient. It involves a lot of factors such as level of addiction and previous medical condition of each patient.

When going through the immersive inpatient treatment, patients do not go to work or school. Their daily lives are interrupted. This break from life is worthwhile, though, so that he or she can focus on establishing healthy behaviors again.

This treatment style can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. The first step is to get the patient medically evaluated and referred to a program.

Dexedrine Outpatient

Conversely to inpatient treatment, outpatient addiction treatment occurs wherever the patient is. He or she is able to move along through their lives while trying to cope without Dexedrine. These patients are focused on establishing healthy behaviors in their daily lives.

What Is Outpatient Treatment?

Sometimes, patients deal with a mild addiction to Dexedrine. They know to seek treatment soon enough to avoid the more serious problems of long-term addiction. Sometimes, even after thorough inpatient treatment, patients are advised to go through a period of treatment called outpatient.

When undergoing outpatient treatment, patients don’t have to stop their regular routines. They should already have some steadiness to their routine in order for this treatment to be effective. They will even continue living in their own home.

Still, these patients do attend individual and group therapy sessions on a regular basis. Sometimes that can include family therapy sessions to establish a strong support system for the patient. If anything, this stage of treatment emphasizes and builds a community for the patient to participate in long after kicking the drug.

Standard Length of Dexedrine Outpatient Treatment

Throughout a typical week, patients in outpatient therapy will probably attend three to four therapy sessions. This can go on for weeks, or even months.

Over time, the idea is for the patient to gradually reduce the number of times a week they attend a session. This is how he or she can ensure they’re building their lives again in a way that will remain free from addiction.

Dexedrine Sober Living

Sometimes, treatment is only part of the solution to a full recovery from Dexedrine addiction. Many patients choose to eventually live in what are called “halfway houses.” These facilities allow patients to live surrounded with the support they need while maintaining their life’s other activities.

What Is Dexedrine Sober Living?

There is a balance between inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment. It’s called sober living.

The main characteristic of sober living for addiction is that the patient will live in a dedicated residential facility while maintaining their ordinary lives. In other words, he or she can come and go as they please. This living situation, though, still ensures they end up every night in a sober environment.

What to Expect

Some people might not be sure about sober living situations, and that’s okay. It’s important that you at least seek professional advice to see if it works for you.

Perhaps you aren’t sure about whether or not sober living treatment is covered by your insurance. Well, answer that question be checking out online resources that can help you verify your insurance coverage. You might find that this treatment makes sense for you or someone you know.

Ongoing Recovery

No matter what program suits your needs, Dexedrine addiction treatment is not something to ignore. For anyone who ends up abusing this drug, it’s important to avoid doing so at all in the future.

That means you need to continue to invest in both your mental and physical health. These healthy habits will only ensure your ongoing recovery really sticks.

Find the Best Dexedrine Treatment Facilities Near You

At this point, you should understand how dangerous it can be to avoid treatment for Dexedrine addiction. No one should have to live with the adverse side effects for too long.

We know how important self-health and wellness is to maintain a happy lifestyle. For anyone seeking Dexedrine treatment, we encourage you to reach out to us. In fact, check out our page to find the best treatment centers available near you.