Addictive Habits

There are certain activities that many of us spend a lot of time doing. Sometimes we even spend too much time doing them and call ourselves obsessed. Real obsession leads to addictive habits and is a serious condition and one that people need to be aware of.

Some of our addictive habits might be spending hours playing games on the Internet, or shopping a bit too much, or sneaking into the tanning salon any chance we can get. Other people may seem obsessed with cleaning their house, working out, or checking their email. For many people, these seemingly harmless activities can be as dangerous as drug or alcohol abuse.

The Problem with Process AddictionsAddictive Habits

Process addictions are activities that we all do regularly, but that some people become so addicted to that they can’t stop. People hoard animals, they are addicted to gambling, and they have eating disorders. These are all serious forms of process addictions – habits that are perfectly safe to many but become addictive habits to some. When a person is addicted to an activity, they feel a rush, much like a drug addict feels when they are high. The euphoria of the mind is a very real feeling, and it leaves people wanting more. Studies have shown that certain people are more prone to process addictions, including those who are perfectionists, those who suffer from depression, those who have suffered trauma, and those who have a history of drug or alcohol abuse.

Getting Help with Addictive Habits

In order to know if an activity has become an addiction, we need to take a close look at our lives. Does the activity keep us from doing things that are normally important to us? Is our mind constantly thinking of doing that particular thing? Most importantly, can we make ourselves stop doing it?

Many people continue living with a process addiction without getting help because they are ashamed of the problem. It is sometimes necessary to seek professional treatment for addictive habits and the earlier the person can get help, the better their chances will be for a full recovery.