Chris Brown Ordered Back to Rehab by Judge

Multiple reports surfaced yesterday that Chris Brown has been ordered to complete a 90 day treatment program for anger management and substance abuse issues. The singer, now infamous for violent outbursts, had just been kicked out of a rehab in Malibu for reportedly throwing a rock through the window of his mother’s car in a fit of rage when she suggested he needed further treatment. His actions clearly demonstrated she was correct.


The new sentence was ordered by Judge James Brandlin in Los Angeles and is the latest in a string of violent behavior and fits of rage that started with his beating of singer Rihanna in 2009, who was his girlfriend a the time. He is still under probation stemming from that incident, yet there have been other public bouts of rage that have been documented. In 2011 he trashed the dressing room of the tv show Good Morning America, he profanely threatened to beat a parking attendant in March of this year, then he was arrested for assault after punching a man who got on his tour bus and asked for a photograph last month in Washington, D.C.

While it is only speculation, it is very likely that there are many more outbursts that have occurred but were not documented publicly. Hopefully, for his sake as well as the safety of people he comes in contact with in the future, this next round of treatment will have a lasting positive effect. The singer has also been ordered to submit random drug tests throughout his time in rehab, as substance abuse and violence are often connected, and Brown failed a drug test in September of last year.

At only 24 yrs old, Brown has been in the public spotlight since he was a teenager and has undoubtedly had many negative influences by being in the entertainment industry. Coupled with millions of dollars, these situations typically produce some kind of turmoil. If things do not get turned around for him, the situation will only continue to intensify until he winds up in prison for repeated probation violations or more serious acts of violence. A long-term treatment center is definitely the best chance he has right now to be able to turn his personal life around.