coronavirus and drug rehab

CoronaVirus: How I can stay safe in Rehab

The novel coronavirus has reached epidemic status around the world, and many activities have been brought to a grinding halt. If you have decided to go to rehab, though, you know that simply walking away is not necessarily the healthiest of options. Instead, you must understand what you can do to keep yourself and others safe as you continue your journey. 

What Patients Can Do

As a patient, your options are relatively limited. Those who choose to continue attending rehab are certainly going to be dealing with social situations that might go against the generally accepted wisdom of social distancing, but this doesn’t mean that they cannot take steps to keep safe. If you’re worried about the coronavirus, your goals should be both to increase your safety and to help keep others safe.

There are a few things that doctors and scientists have both pointed to as helpful for preventing the spread of this illness. Make sure to wash your hands for at least twenty seconds not only before you head into the rehab facility, but any time you are in the bathroom and when you leave. Hand-washing helps to break up the outer layer of the virus and can help to keep you healthy. In addition to hand-washing, try to limit physical contact with others (no handshakes) and try to limit the number of times that you touch your face. 

coronavirus and drug rehab

While the novel coronavirus is unlikely to cause long-term harm to anyone young or in good health, this doesn’t mean that it can’t be spread to others. No matter what your age, you should make sure to self-isolate if you find that you have the symptoms of this virus. These symptoms include a dry cough, a sore throat, and a fever of above 100.8 degrees in most cases. The current assumption of the illness’s lifespan is about two weeks, so prepare to quarantine yourself if you have all of those symptoms. 

Even if you don’t have these symptoms, you’ll want to limit your interactions with others outside of the rehab facility. This is called social distancing, and it’s one of the essential steps anyone can take to slow the spread of this sickness. Make sure to limit your trips out of your home, to avoid touching others, and to try to keep a distance of about six feet from anyone you interact with in public. 

What Drug Rehab Centers Can Do

Luckily, most rehab facilities understand that this virus is severe, and they’re taking some steps to help keep you safe. On a fundamental level, this means not only spending even more time cleaning and sanitizing their facilities, but also providing hand-sanitizers and other items to their patients. 

In addition to these actions, most facilities are also taking steps to limit exposure during therapies. These steps including moving their various group therapies to larger spaces to increase the distance between patients, moving more patients into one-on-one therapy sessions, and even taking steps to check to ensure that those who come in for therapy do not have symptoms of the virus.

Of course, therapists and other employees at most drug rehab centers are also being checked for symptoms regularly. Most are told not to come in if they are sick, with some centers even moving non-essential personnel to work-at-home positions. As more is learned about this virus, it’s a certainty that rehab centers will enact new policies and procedures to help reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Those who run rehab centers know how important it is that their clients feel safe coming in during this outbreak, and thus are doing all they can to ensure a safe environment for all involved.

The most important thing to do during these trying times is to avoid panicking. While life might not seem reasonable right now, being cautious and calm can help to see you through the worst of things. You must keep attending rehab so that you can continue to make progress – especially considering the stresses that are now mounting in the world around you. Continue to follow the best practices in terms of hygiene and social interactions so that you can continue on your journey to a better future.