Safe Travels This Holiday Season


Addiction Treatment Services would like to wish everyone a very safe and happy Holiday Season. This is the time of year to travel and celebrate with friends and family. Unfortunately that also means there is an increase in alcohol-related traffic fatalities.

Overall, the number of those who perished unnecessarily because of alcohol-related crashes increased nearly 5 percent last year to more than 10,000. The National Highway Traffic Safety Admission (NHTSA) said in a release that about 37 percent of fatal auto crashes during Christmas and 41 percent during New Year’s involved alcohol-impaired drivers. This is up from just over 30 percent for the rest of the year.

The majority of the impaired drivers causing fatalities had blood alcohol levels of .15 or higher, which is twice the legal limit. The fact is that when people consume too much alcohol not only do they make horribly bad decisions, but they are incapable of operating any kind of machinery well, let alone a motor vehicle.

If you are celebrating with friends and family this Holidy Season, please take the time to make sure that your loved ones stay safe with designated drivers. You can also call them a cab or have them spend the night. The loss of life simply isn’t worth it.

If you become aware of someone close to you in need of treatment for alcohol abuse problem, contact us for more information about rehabilitation center options.