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Combating Drugs on a Community Level

Most drug-related news coverage tends to either involve arrests, public policy or celebrities, but these by no means tell the extent of the story. There are many good people in our country doing things to help others caught in the trap of substance abuse.

Apart from the tragedies, there are many good stories, such people being reunited with loved ones after successfully completing addiction treatment program. There are also many more advocacy groups in municipalities throughout the country. These groups are comprised of civic leaders, teachers, parents, religious leaders, former addicts, counselors and many more.

A recent example is a story about a community in Pennsylvania gathering to raise awareness about drugs and violence, sponsored by a local church.

Many groups like this are part of the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA), while others are just well-intentioned people seeking to create a positive influence for people in their town.

CADCA offers assistance to groups in the form of information sharing, event promotion, program execution and even funding help through Federal Block Grants. Check out their site to find a coalition near you, or contact us for help finding an alcohol or drug treatment center.