Zac Efron’s Rehab Stint Seen as Positive Influence

News broke yesterday about Zac Efron having recently completed a drug rehabilitation program reportedly for substance abuse. Where many celebrities have been known to make a big deal out of it and draw more attention to their bad behavior, it appears that the actor is taking a much more mature approach to it.


An unnamed source cited to E! News that Efron finished a treatment program months ago and is focusing on his work. Rather than making it into even more of a problem, he quietly entered an completed and appears to have gone about moving on with his life.

With at least two more movies due to release soon, the way Efron seems to have addressed the situation should serve as a positive influence for his fans and other young adults as well. Instead of making it all about they Hollywood party lifestyle, he looks as if he is taking the path that will lead him to much more success and happiness in his life.

We congratulate him on his successful completion of treatment and wish him well in his continued recovery and his career. Hopefully other young stars will follow his example and get the the help they need.

If you have a loved one currently battling a substance abuse problem, contact us today for more information about treatment options.