Humana Drug Rehab

Important Things You Should Know About Humana Drug Rehab

Drug rehabilitation can be quite expensive, hence the reason some addicts choose to go cold turkey or detox at home, while yet some give up on rehabilitation completely. However, what many of these people do not know is that there are drug rehab centers that offer free rehabilitation services or take insurance, hence clients have to pay very little.

Humana is one of such health insurance providers. It is one of the largest health insurance providers in the US, hence possess a huge network of approved providers. Your Humana health insurance coverage will be determined by the plan chosen and the location of the client. Humana offers group and individual medical plans. The group plans may be purchased by the employer and then offered to the employees. Some employers help their employees by paying part of the monthly premium, or it can be deducted directly from the employee’s paycheck.

Below is a list of health insurance coverage offered by Humana that can be applicable in drug rehabilitation;

1) PPO:

This stands for Preferred Provider Organizations. It is one of the most popular plans available in health insurance and offered by Humana. It allows clients to seek medical help from both in-network and out-network providers. Although it is more flexible than the HMO plan clients tend to pay more when they consult out-network providers. PPO have higher monthly cost and lower deductibles.

2) HMO:

This stands for Health Maintenance Organizations. It is a popular health insurance plan offered by Humana. It is not as flexible as PPO, as clients can only consult in-network providers and will have to choose a particular primary care physician. The monthly premium for HMO is lower than PPO. HMO is divided into two major types; Traditional and open access. Open access HMO plan allows clients to get treatment only from providers that belong to the HMO network. The monthly premium cost of this is slightly higher. Traditional HMO does not offer as much flexibility or freedom as the Open Access. In Traditional HMO, clients can only access care through one primary care physician.

3) Point of service:

This Humana drug rehab service gives flexibility to clients, allowing them to decide on whether they prefer an in-network provider, where they would pay less or pick an out-network provider in which case they would pay more but will still be covered. The out-network services do not need a referral.

Other Humana health plans exist such as the Humana Classic, the High Deductible Health Plan, Coverage First and Personal Care Account.

Although Humana drug rehab service covers for many substance abuse treatment, clients still have the option to purchase specific substance abuse coverage if it was not covered by any of the above-listed plans. The process of treatment is fairly straightforward, the client approaches the primary care physician, who then seeks permission to refer the client to a provider specialized in substance abuse. This substance abuse provider will then negotiate with Humana to give the client the necessary covered treatment.

Each plan has a maximum allowable fee. Humana will determine what services are covered up to this fee. The client will have to pay whatever is not covered directly by the provider. Humana drug rehab services are among the most trusted in the US.


Humana Drug Rehab