Does Your Policy Cover Rehab?

Medical Mutual has been providing quality health insurance coverage to Ohio residents for over 80 years. It is the oldest and largest insurer in Ohio, boasting more than 1.6 million customers. Additionally, Medical Mutual is one of the largest employers in downtown Cleveland.

Addiction Treatment Services has helped many people with Medical Mutual insurance coverage find top-notch addiction treatment centers both in- and out-of-state.

If you have a Medical Mutual insurance plan, then we can help you find a rehab facility with the treatment programs you need to overcome your drug or alcohol addiction.

Start with a complimentary insurance benefits review. Our counselors will help you determine which types of services and treatment options your plan covers, as well as how to find a treatment facility that provides superior rehab services without breaking the bank.

We Can Help You Figure Out What Your Medical Mutual Plan Covers

You shouldn’t enroll in just any rehab facility that accepts Medical Mutual. Instead, you should take the time to find a treatment center that will both accept your insurance and cater to your specific recovery needs.

We will help you and your loved ones find out:

  • which type of plan you have
  • what your behavioral health benefits cover
  • which treatment options are covered by your benefits
  • how much you would be paying out-of-pocket for treatment (if any)
  • how long addiction treatment would be covered (30, 60, 90 days, etc.)

By contacting only your insurance provider, you may be missing out on some valuable treatment options. At Addiction Treatment Services, we base our recommendations on our history of working with people seeking treatment and the policies they carry. We only refer them to programs that we would recommend to our own loved ones. We keep our standards high— and so should you.>

Once we have gathered a list of appropriate rehab programs, we’ll discuss with you which location is going to be the most conducive to a healthy recovery.

Then, once we help you find the right place, we’ll send a professional referral to the rehab facility and get you enrolled in a matter of days!

Questions About Insurance?

Navigating your insurance plan to determine what type of substance abuse coverage you qualify for can be overwhelming. Our insurance specialists are available 24 hours a day to assist you.

(855) 713-7262

Other Benefits of Medical Mutual Health Insurance

Did you know that there are many other advantages to having Medical Mutual insurance outside of addiction treatment coverage?

As a policyholder, you should use your Medical Mutual plan to the fullest.

Medical Mutual customers can log onto their accounts through the website or mobile app to access the following features:

  • the payment center
  • the status of open claims
  • money-saving tools and tips
  • exclusive members-only offer

The Medical Mutual website can also help you find the right primary care physician for you. However, this feature is limited in that it only shows you which in-network doctors accept Medical Mutual. Still, it will help you find a doctor that specializes in the medical needs and conditions specific to you.

The Medical Mutual website also offers a deep catalog of healthy living tips and information on topics such as fitness, nutrition, dieting, lifestyle, and even preventative care.

The Addiction Treatment Services Mission

If you have Medical Mutual insurance, we can help you better understand what your policy covers and set you up with the most suitable addiction treatment program. We have done this for hundreds of clients before, and we’re ready to do it for you. Call us today to get started.