Does Cigna Insurance Cover Addiction Rehab?

Figuring out if substance abuse treatment is covered by the Cigna Rehab Provider Network can seem like an insurmountable task. Fortunately, we have helped thousands of people get the help that they need, and it was paid for by their policy. All you have to do is call and one of our expertly trained addiction experts will do all the work for you, finding the best solution for your specific policy.

Cigna is a company that offers health services to individuals and families all over the world. They serve approximately 95 million people and work to provide health and security to those who hold a policy with them. But, sometimes, it can be difficult for individuals to understand what their Cigna policy insures and covers. It can be especially challenging when it comes to substance abuse treatment coverage. If you’re looking for information on this matter, we can help you here at Addiction Treatment Services.

For those seeking drug or alcohol addiction treatment, Cigna provides its policyholders with at least some level of benefits. At Addiction Treatment Services, we are able to provide you with an independent review of your benefits to help you or your loved one find the best course of action for treating addiction.

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Most people are unaware of what level of coverage they have for substance abuse and mental health treatment, and even more people panic at the thought of using an out-of-network rehab center, because of the potentially astronomical costs.

Addiction Treatment Services steps in and provides you with a professional review of your benefits to help you determine which drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities accept your Cigna health insurance. We can also pinpoint if your insurance covers inpatient treatment and for how long.

Understanding Your Cigna Benefits for Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Understanding the difference between your substance abuse and mental health benefits from your general health benefits is important because many people assume they are the same.

Drug and alcohol rehab programs accept insurance policies based on the history of their ability to approve claims, rather than deny them. Not even Cigna itself can guarantee whether your claim will be approved or denied, even when you’ve chosen a rehab center that appears to be in-network.

With Addiction Treatment Services, an independent review of your Cigna coverage will determine:

  • Which alcohol and drug rehabs you are eligible for
  • How long you can attend the program (30, 60, 90 days, etc.)
  • Which level of care will be covered
  • Where the treatment center is located

By allowing us to provide you with an independent review of your Cigna coverage, we are able to set you up with a drug or alcohol rehab that will accept your benefits. We can also identify the amount, if any, you can expect to pay out-of-pocket.

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Most people we help were unaware of the potential their Cigna drug rehab coverage had for alcohol and drug rehab because of what they were told by Cigna directly or what they read in black and white about their benefits. Too often, we see people check into a drug abuse treatment program because they were told that their Cigna insurance covers the program, only to see the individual become responsible for claims that were not approved by the insurer. With Addiction Treatment Services, you’ll know all of your options up front.

Choosing an in-network rehab center instead of an out-of-network provider can usually mean the difference of going to treatment for just 30 days or being able to go for several months. Addiction Treatment Services is able to provide valuable information about your Cigna insurance coverage based on years of experience having verified thousands of policies and having placed thousands of people into a formal addiction treatment program.

Other Benefits of Cigna Health Insurance

It’s important to know all of the benefits of your Cigna health insurance coverage, especially when it comes to your overall health and your life beyond rehab. Cigna’s plans are flexible and very accommodating to your budget. Did you know that you’re likely covered 100 percent for in-network preventative care, such as annual checkups, screenings, and routine immunizations?

Also, Cigna has personalized website tools and even a mobile app, all of which can help you locate in-network providers, check on your claims, manage account balances and more. Cigna representatives are standing by 24/7 if you have any questions about in-network providers, claims, and insurance coverage. This is especially helpful if you have an emergency and need to find the closest provider that’s covered by your policy.

Cigna has a presence in about 20 U.S. states as well as 30 other countries. The company claims to foster the strongest return-to-work results, which is especially important for recovering addicts who want to have their job waiting for them while they complete an inpatient treatment program.

Your Insurance Claim for Addiction and Drug Abuse Treatment Poses No Risk to You

Thanks to our relationships with several rehabs over the last 10-plus years, Addiction Treatment Services is able to provide you with accurate, detailed Cigna insurance information so that you know what treatment options your insurance covers, your out-of-pocket expenses, and expected length of stay going in. The treatment centers take the risk of whether your claims are approved or denied, not you.

About Cigna Coverage for Alcohol & Drug Detox and Treatment

When it comes to insurance coverage, it’s important to keep in mind that each policy varies. Many different factors can play into an individual’s coverage details, including the state or country, the type of detox or treatment program, the treatment facility, and much more. So, as you work to find a facility where you can safely detox from substance abuse and a place where you can begin your recovery journey through treatment, it’s important to be clear on the coverage levels your policy offers.

In many cases, Cigna requires prior approval, or pre-authorization, for substance use treatment. Without this prior approval, individuals may need to pay the entire cost of treatment out-of-pocket. So, it is best to make sure that the treatment center you’ve selected is pre-authorized by Cigna. Individuals may also be required to pay a deductible.

Again, coverage for treatment services may vary depending on the details of your Cigna plan. But, generally speaking, Cigna provides coverage for outpatient and intensive outpatient programs, residential (inpatient) programs, and partial hospitalization programs (PHPs).

Substance abuse comes in many different forms. But, most rehab centers provide treatment for individuals who are suffering from addictions to substances such as alcohol, opioid medications, cocaine, heroin, benzodiazepines, and more.

Cigna Behavioral Health Coverage for Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment

Addiction treatment is often thought to be a residential or inpatient process. However, although this is one of the main types of treatment for substance abuse, individuals can also go through an outpatient program for addiction rehabilitation. Whether a person goes through inpatient or outpatient treatment will depend on his or her situation. For example, an individual who lives in a home where drugs or alcohol are constantly present may find it more helpful to go to a residential facility. An individual who needs to continue working or taking care of family responsibilities may be better off in an outpatient program.

Cigna plans may offer coverage for both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. But, again, pre-authorization may be a requirement in order to ensure that the company will cover the cost of treatment.

Cigna Coverage for Mental Health Treatment

Often, individuals who are suffering from addiction are also living with a mental illness. Many times, these co-occurring disorders can lead to serious problems in the lives of those who suffer from them. But, thankfully, there are dual diagnosis treatment programs which offer help to those who have co-occurring disorders.

Medical professionals can help individuals to safely detox from drug or alcohol use, guiding them through the withdrawal process with expertise. But, those who are suffering from a substance use disorder in addition to a mental health concern should go through treatment that focuses on both issues. Dual diagnosis treatment provides individuals with professional care that deals with substance abuse and mental health.

Cigna can provide coverage for the treatment of mental health concerns. Still, it’s important to seek guidance directly from Cigna or call our experts here at Addiction Treatment Services in order to learn about the specifics of your plan and its coverage for mental health treatment.

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