Does Your Policy Cover Rehab?

Navigating through your Aetna policy to see if it will pay for drug or alcohol rehab can be tough. Luckily, we have a fully trained staff ready and willing to personally look at your current policy to make sure you are covered.

Addiction Treatment Services provides help for many in need of finding a drug addiction and alcoholism treatment facility that accepts Aetna health insurance. We verify your coverage, explain your benefits to you and then help you find a program that fits your needs. Most people are unaware of the potential their policy may have, such as longer length of inpatient coverage and a dual diagnosis option.

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We help provide an advantage to you in locating an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center that will accept your Aetna drug rehab policy and maximize the use of your available benefits. Simply calling Aetna, getting an explanation of benefits (EOB) and a listing of in-network facilities doesn’t provide the full picture of all your rehab treatment options. This is where our guidance pays off.

With Help from Addiction Treatment Services:

  • We’ll review your Aetna insurance plan.
  • We’ll help determine if you are covered for drug and alcohol addiction treatment.
  • We’ll help determine what kind of treatment and how much is covered.

Our years of experience working with various industry leaders and treatment programs has allowed us to connect hundreds of individuals with appropriate centers that take their insurance as a form of payment, which sharply reduces or even eliminates their out-of-pocket costs.

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How Addiction Rehab Treatment Centers Work with Aetna

Many people do not know what their plan actually covers or how different substance abuse and mental health benefits are from general health care coverage. Not even your own insurance company can guarantee you which claims will be approved or denied. However, treatment centers who have worked with your provider long enough actually do.

At Addiction Treatment Services, we have found that using Aetna insurance for an alcohol or drug abuse treatment center is one of the better insurance options, as this provider tends to cover a larger portion of costs and allow a longer length of stay if so required by the client.

We never recommend a substance abuse and alcohol rehab treatment center unless it meets or exceeds our own standards of what comprises an effective, comprehensive and client-centered program. Our primary focus is to help you understand what type of treatment center you need or what level of care is best for you.

Many people seeking drug and alcohol rehab treatment do so by searching for the path of least resistance. At Addiction Treatment Services, we help you understand what you need and not what you think you need or want.

Questions About Insurance?

Navigating your insurance plan to determine what type of substance abuse coverage you qualify for can be overwhelming. Our insurance specialists are available 24 hours a day to assist you.

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Other Benefits of Aetna Drug Rehab Insurance Coverage

Aetna also offers employee assistance program (EAP) coverage, which helps keep your job waiting for you while you complete a treatment program for your drug or alcohol addiction. Additionally, Aetna offers an iPhone and Android app that gives you health info on the go and helps you with medications, finding health care providers, etc. Aetna’s online options help clients securely check a claim, pay bills, refill medications and look over their coverage details.

Aetna is one of the most flexible and client-friendly insurance providers on the market, and it’s especially agreeable with clients who are looking for addiction treatment. If you have Aetna and are seeking high-quality treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, have us help you find and connect with the most fitting addiction treatment center for your needs.