Cocaine can be detectable in saliva tests for 24 to 48hrs, blood tests up to one day, urine tests 1 to 4 days, and hair tests up to 90 days.

Age, weight, gender, diet, and exercise all affect the amount of time that cocaine stays in the body.

How long does cocaine stay in your urine?

Answer: Urine can be detected for 1-4 days after use.

Test Saliva Blood Urine Hair
Time 24 to 48 hours Up to 1 day 1 to 4 days Up to 90 days

The amount of pure cocaine used is the most significant factor in detection.

Small Amounts Linger for Two to Four Days

How long is cocaine detectable in your system? Cocaine metabolites may stay in your hair for up to three months.
Factors that can affect how long cocaine stays in your system.

Infrequent cocaine use will most likely stay in your system for two to four days. Pure cocaine is water-soluble so that it will exit your body through your urine.

Large Amounts of Cocaine Linger for Weeks or Even Months

Regularly cocaine users will take days or even weeks for it to leave your system entirely. Sometimes, like marijuana, cocaine can also remain in your body for months.

Frequent cocaine use leads to byproduct buildup in your body, which will take longer for the drug to leave your system.

How is Cocaine Detected in Your System?

Consuming cocaine releases benzoylecgonine into your body, which needs time to dissipate.


Benzoylecgonine is what companies look for during drug testing. The presence of benzoylecgonine in your system indicates that you have taken cocaine.

Frequent cocaine use will produce more substantial levels of benzoylecgonine. Infrequent cocaine users will flush benzoylecgonine from their systems in a few days.

Hair Samples in Drug Testing

A hair drug test can detect benzoylecgonine months after use, regardless of use.

The keratin in your hair is a biological record of what was in your body as your hair grows. When you take any drug, trace amounts of it usually appear in your hair. Sometimes, the hair will retain trace amounts of drugs until it falls out or gets cut.

Drug tests that examine hair follicles can detect cocaine months after ingestion. So, cocaine can stay in your system for much, much longer than a couple of days.

Professional Help for Cocaine Abuse

Repeated cocaine use can cause dependence, addiction, and other negative consequences. For more information on how to get professional treatment for cocaine abuse, give us a call at anytime.


How Long Do the Effects of Cocaine Last?

The effects of cocaine can last 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the ?purity,? the amount ingested, and the user.

How Long Do the Effects of Cocaine Last? If you have higher levels of body fat, the drug can accumulate in that fatty tissue.

Here's a look at the factors that can affect how long cocaine stays in your system.
Although cocaine has a short half-life, elimination half-lives of cocaine metabolites are substantially longer


The purity of cocaine has a significant impact on how long the user feels the effects. Pure cocaine is rare because it is often cut or mixed with other substances to increase the quantity, which results in lower concentrations of the drug.

Typical ingredients, including baby powder, aspirin, and laxatives, are added to cocaine.

Cocaine is so dangerous because it is impossible to tell the purity.


It is easy to overdose on pure cocaine. Even small amounts of pure cocaine are enough to trigger a heart attack or stroke.

Gender and Body Weight

Gender & weight can also have a significant impact on the effects and longevity of the drug.

People with above-average body weight will need higher quantities to feel its effects.

Women can get high on cocaine faster than men, which is because estradiol, a female hormone, strengthens the drug.

Put a Stop to Cocaine Abuse Today!

Struggling with cocaine or know someone who is? Together, we can create a plan to get back on track and break free from cocaine addiction. All calls are 100% free and confidential.


Cocaine Infographic

Infographic: How Long Does Cocaine Stay in Your System? 

Cocaine can cause: dilated pupils, Faster breathing, Increased heart rate, higher blood pressure, increased body temperature.

The length of time cocaine stays in your system can affect both cocaine withdrawal and drug tests
Cocaine can also damage the brain and affect mental health, triggering paranoia, depression, and anxiety.

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