Insurance Covered Drug Rehab

Making The Best Out Of Insurance Covered Drug Rehab

Choosing a rehab center for your loved one is not a random selection. A lot of factors have to be put into consideration. People are always tempted to select insurance covered drug rehab just because they want to save cost. Really, there is nothing wrong in trying to save treatment cost. However, apart from saving cost, insurance covered drug rehab has no other benefits. In fact, it has more cons than pros.

Why you should think twice before selecting insurance covered drug rehab

As mentioned earlier, apart from saved cost, it has no other benefit. Remember, health insurance providers are never willing to make payment so they will first verify if the drug addiction patient’s insurance policy covers the treatment (with the hope that it doesn’t).

So, you will have to give a lot of information about the patient’s condition and medical history as a follow up. So, you should note that paying through insurance will deprive the patient of privacy. After the information, payment for treatment will be approved but for a set number of days. Most times, this number of days is usually not enough for full treatment.

If you require more days, you will still need to give out more information to justify more days. That means you further deprive the patient of his privacy. Unfortunately, further claim could be denied even after divulging a lot of information about the patient.

Remember, all these back and forth correspondences could take days or even weeks, wasting the patient’s time even further. In a nutshell, paying for drug addiction treatment with insurance is fraught with red tapes, lack of privacy and lack of control. That is not all, you also cannot just choose a rehab center of your choice.

You have to make use of a center that is within the network (in network) of the insurance provider. If you insist on a rehab center that is not within the network (out of network), you will still end up bearing most of the cost after giving confidential information about the patient away. Is it really worth it?

Here is the way out

If you cannot afford it on your own and you really need insurance covered drug rehab but you want to cut off some of the challenges listed above, then you have to make use of third party addiction insurance intervention services.

The providers of this service will confirm if the patient’s health insurance policy covers the treatment. If it does, they will be the interface between the patient and his insurance provider. They will secure the payment faster without giving out so much information. They will also help you choose the most appropriate program.

For private payment

If you prefer to pay privately, then you need to contact several centers and compare their fees. You can’t get the best deal without proper comparisons.

You will also have a say in the number of days for the program. Most importantly, you don’t have to give out much information about the patient. Needless to say the program will start as soon as you want it to start.